Who is Fabio Fognini’s Wife? The Tennis Player’s Long Time Relationship

Want to know who is Fabio Fognini’s Wife? His incredible records have made Fabio Fognini a household name. Fabio Fognini ranked 64 in the Association of Tennis Professionals’ Top 100. He was able to win the 2019 Monte-Carlo Masters singles title. He also reached the quarter-finals of the French Open in the same event at the 2011 Monte-Carlo Masters. Fabio Fognini was also a Grand Slam Doubles player at the 2015 Australian Open. In 2016, he reached quarter-finals at the Olympic Games in a tournament of doubles. German Gaich, his coach has been the driving force behind him. 

Knowing his versatility in the tennis sport, fans are lately curious to learn how happening are things in Fabio Fognini’s personal life. He is happy living a happy marriage. The couple dated for several years before they tied the knot in 2016. Also, now, he isn’t just a husband but also a father of three. Let’s dive into this piece to learn who Fabio Fognini’s Wife is and more about their relationship. 

Fabio Fognini

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Meet Fabio Fognini’s Wife: Relationship Details

Fabio Fognini’s Wife is his long-time girlfriend, Flavia Pennetta. In case you are wondering about her, Flavia Pennetta is also another versatile tennis player but she doesn’t play now. Her greatest achievement was the Australian Open Grand Slam Doubles win in 2011. She reached the quarter-finals of the French Open in Grand Slam Doubles, in 2010, and 2015. Flavia won the Tour Finals 2010 in doubles. She also reached the 2015 US Open in Grand Slam Singles. In addition to this, Fabio Fognini’s Wife has also won Fed Cup several times, more precisely in 2006, 2009, 2010, and 2013 respectively. In short, her playing skills were amazing every time she entered a tournament. 

Recalling their relationship, Flavia Pennetta and Fabio Fognini began dating in the first half of 2014. After being together for about a year, they were engaged. The couple got married in Ostuni, exactly one year later. They were soon blessed with their first child, a boy. They named him Federico. After a few years, Farah was born to them in 2019. Their third child, a girl, was also welcomed last year. Flaminia is her full name. On this note, they said, “She came like this, we didn’t expect it, she came like a bolt of lightning.” 

Fabio Fognini's Wife

Flavia Pennetta, Flabio Fognini and Fabio Fognini

Flavia was the first to take the initiative when they spoke about their relationship. She said, “Fabio was too respectful towards me, maybe he was afraid of taking a stake and this is why he never took the initiative. Then one day I asked him to come closer and suddenly I kissed him.” How romantic! Fabio Fognini’s Wife has also shared that their marriage process was quite fast and she would like to remarry him to relive those precious moments. Fabio also expressed gratitude for his wife when he was asked about it during interviews. 

Witnessing, how wonderful their relationship is, we are hoping Fabio Fognini’s marriage with Flavia Pennetta lasts forever like this. So, it’s a happy family of five! They are wonderful parents!

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Fabio Fognini outside the Tennis Field

Besides knowing about Fabio Fognini’s Wife and their relationship, fans are interested to learn more about him. Fabio was born on the 24th of May 1987 and has now turned 35. He was born at Sanremo in Italy. At present, he lives in Arma di Taggia with his family. He started playing tennis when he was just four years old. Fabio is also a great player of football. 

Best wishes to Fabio Fognini in the coming days. Here’s to more success for him! For more updates, you might consider following Fabio on Instagram. 

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