Who Is Erin Perrine? Erin Perrine Wikipedia, Age, Height, Weight, Husband, And Net Worth

Who is Erin Perrine, and Why Does She Matter?

Erin Perrine worked in a variety of roles with various American political leaders, including Donald Trump. She is the primary person responsible for communications for an ex-US president. Since the beginning of her career Erin has been close with the Republic party. In 2008, she did an internship at National Republican Convention. Many people are now trying to find Erin Perrine. Have a look on Erin Perrine’s bio.

Erin Perrine Biography

Name Erin Perrine
Age 33
Date of Birth July 22, 1988
Husband Nick Perrine
Net Worth $3 – $5 Million
Twitter @ErinMPerrine
Height 5’6”
Weight 58 kg

Erin Perrine Wikipedia

Erin Perrine, vice president of Tag Strategies is a firm that specializes on planned and executed fund-raising techniques. Her Twitter page states that she is a former communication manager for the United States Campaign, House and Senate. Erin Perrine currently appears on TV and is a conversation host about politics in the United States.

How Old is Erin Perrine?

Many are curious about Erin Perrine’s age. She was 33 years old when she was born 22 July 1988. Erin Margaret Callanan was conceived in Rochester, New York State. Her mom is Casey Callanan and her dad, Karen Smith Callanan. Her parents were lawyers. Gary E. Smith’s grandfather, Erin, was a lawyer. Erin helped him lobby for the city judge by participating in a neighborhood walk and wearing T-shirts.

Erin Perrine Height

Erin Perrine’s height is 5’6”. She graduated from the University of Connecticut with a bachelor’s degree. She is believed to be a graduate from the arts faculty. BA stands for Bachelor in Arts. Erin is active Twitter.

Erin Perrine Weight

Erin Perrine’s weight is 58 kgs. After finishing her studies, Erin stayed focused on her job as a communications manager and climbed the stairs to her current position. Erin is a football fan, and she goes to watch football matches and upholds ‘The Buffalo Bills.’

Erin Perrine Husband

Erin married Nicholas Perrine on July 2, 2016, at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in midtown D.C. She met her husband on a battlefield in Wisconsin, where they worked for Ron Johnson’s 2010 senate mission, and the two began dating in 2013. The pair don’t have any children yet and live happily in Virginia, United States.

Erin Perrine Net Worth

Erin is a national treasure who serves her country. As per sources, Erin Perrine has total assets of around $3 – $5 Million. She was appointed Principal Deputy Communications Director of the previous president Donald Trump in March 2019. She has also appeared on syndicated programs that covered legislative issues, chitchats, and meeting, including Fox and Friends, Hannity and Fox News Primetime.

Erin Perrine Twitter

Erin is not a fan of social media. However, she is available to follow @ErinMPerrine on Twitter, where she has about 78k followers. She doesn’t use Instagram and Facebook. Here’s Erin Perrine on Twitter.


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