Who is Curtis Strange’s Wife? Is She The Reason Behind His Achievements?

Who is Sarah Strange?

Sarah Strange, the wife of Curtis Strange, has a well-deserved reputation. Sarah Strange may not be as famous as her husband, but her hard work and dedication earned her a better legacy. She is a typical housewife, mother to Thomas Strange and David Strange. Curtis Strange, Sarah strange, and their sons are married. Curtis Strange is the Grandparent to their tier Grandkids. Curtis shared a positive message in a news journal where he emphasized that his wife’s efforts were the key to his success.

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Curtis Strange’s Wife Sarah Strange

Curtis Strange’s lawfully wed wife Sarah Strange is Sarah Strange. She is often confused by the Canadian television actress of the same name. Curtis Strange’s accomplishments, especially in 1989 and 1988, are due to Sarah Strange. Are you curious to learn more about this charming woman? Despite their age gap, they have remained strong. We have compiled some useful information from Sarah Strange in these paragraphs.

Sarah Strange is a mother to Thomas Strange and David Strange. Thomas Strange is an All-state soccer player and has also been an All-conference basketball player. He took advantage of his college opportunity to play both basketball and soccer. Also, Thomas was awarded a James Madison University Golf Scholarship and completed a year there. He transferred to North Carolina University and played golf for several years before graduating with a senior sports management degree.

Curtis Strange: Who Are You?

Curtis Northrup Strange was conceived on January 30, 1955. JH is a well-known American professional golfer. Curtis Strange was a PGA Tour leader money winner in 1985, 1987, 1988. In 1988, he was also named PGA player-of-the-year. Curtis Strange, a World Gold Hall of fame member, was honored with a lifetime achievement in 2007. His father was an owner of a Local Country Club. Curtis Strange began his interest in golf at the age 7.

Curtis Strange Biography

Identity Details
Name Curtis Northrup Strange
Born January 30, 1955 (age: 67).

Norfolk, Virginia

Height 5 ft 11in (1.80m)
Weight 180 lb (82 kg;13 st).
Sporting nationality United States
Spouse Sarah Strange
Children 2 sons
College Wake Forest University
Professionalized 1976
Former tour(s) PGA Tour

Champions Tour

Professionals 29
Highest ranking 3 (June 19, 1988)

Sarah Strange Supports Curtis’s Success

Curtis and Sarah had a large age gap. They didn’t let this stop them from loving each other. Sarah was born 1975, while Curtis was born 1955. Their age gap was 20 years. Sarah often traveled with Curtis to support him at tournaments. She was always there for Curtis at every tournament and encouraged him. This was one of the reasons he was the US Open champion twice in 1988 and 1989. She was his comfort during his victories.

Curtis Strange Networth

According to research from a few prominent websites, Curtis Strange is worth $8 Million as of 2022. The 2022 year is the basis of our estimate. The estimated amount includes his salary for his activities based upon his primitive career and a few additional talents. His net worth can fluctuate with time. If we notice a decline in the estimated amounts or a surplus, we will update it here. Curtis Strange could have chosen investments that doubled his returns to increase his Networth. Also he’s genuine enough to thank his wife Sarah as the reason behind all his success.

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