Who is Callux’s Girlfriend? The Youtube Star’s New Love Life

This is a discussion about Callux. What do we know about the Youtuber’s current relationship status? Callux was originally called Callum Aaron McGinley. He is often seen working with the Sidemen. He is known for his lifestyle vlogging as well as his insanely challenging videos. BlackOps, which he also has, is believed to be his side channel. However, he is not currently active there. Callux is also believed to have founded After Party Studios in 2016 as a social media production company. 

Knowing his versatility on social media, fans are lately curious to learn how much happening are things in Callux’s personal life. The star was open about his relationship with Sarah Close in the past. After five years of being together, the couple called it quits. However, life is never over for anyone and it’s important to move on. Is Callux finally in love with his new partner? Let’s dive into this article to learn who Callux’s Girlfriend is.  

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Meet Callux’s Girlfriend: Who Is She? 

Discussing his love interest Callux’s Girlfriend is no one but his professional career. He seems to be focused on his work, and is working hard to produce some varied content for his Youtube channel. The Youtuber is now very private after the breakup with Sarah, his ex-girlfriend. In recent days, he hasn’t made public appearances with any woman whom fans can suspect to be his new love interest. Also, his social media doesn’t provide any such hint. To be more precise, we don’t see any such suspicious woman on Callux’s lifestyle vlogs. It is possible that he may be single right now. He seems to enjoy his singlehood, and is living the best life possible.  


Callux isn’t currently in a relationship with anyone, but he is making good progress in his life. You don’t have to start over with someone new in order to move on in your life. Callux is more likely to prove that one can be happy all by himself. You must subscribe to Callux’s Youtube channel for some crazy content. Best wishes to Callux for all the days ahead! We are hopeful that Callux will find his true love soon, even though he is single. Even Callux deserves to love passionately! He is loved by us all! 

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