Who Is Bo Jackson? Check Out Bo Jackson Biography, Stats, Height, And Weight

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Bo Jackson, Who Are You?

Bo Jackson was an American ex-professional baseball player. He was born on the 30th of November 1962.  He is the greatest player in baseball and football. His accomplishments are on the next level. He inspires many football and baseball players. He began his football career during college. His parents are very supportive. His big inspiration is Brazilian legendary  Football player Pele. His father and coach supported him greatly during his training. He was the junior captain of his school’s football club since childhood. 

Bo Jackson Biography

Bo Jackson was one famous American player. He was born in America and raised there. He was raised in Bessemer (Alabama). He scored around 40 home runs in 35 games during elementary school. He was a part of McCalla’s team baseball. Bo was twice the state champion. He was just 16 when he became the McCalla captain. He is the tallest member of his school’s basketball team. Bo excels in High Jump, Long Jump as well as basketball, hockey and other sports. He played indoor games such as chess, table tennis, and badminton in his youth. 

Details Specifications
Name  Bo Jackson 
Date of birth  30 November 1962
Age  59
Name of Father  A.D. Adams
Name of Mother  Florence Bond
Height  1.85 m
Name of the wife  Linda Jackson 
Networth  $25 Million
Nationality  American

Bo Jackson Stats

Bo Jackson is a legendary baseball player. He was called the master of Baseball. He got the record in baseball when he scored 829  yards in 1982, 1213 yards in 1983, 475 yards In 1984, and In 1985 he scored 1786. Bo ran 690 yards in 1987. He ran 659 yards in 1988 and 1,019 in 1989. He ran 766 yards in 1990. He is the only baseball player to have this record. Bo accumulated 3134 and 4130 yards over his entire career. He won an AL  All-Star award in 1989, All-Star Game MVP in 1989, AL Comeback Player of the Year Award in 1993, and 30 Home Run tournament season 1award in  1989. 

Stats  Year  Played under Team  GP R H AVG 
Career-Batting  1993 CWS 85 32 66 .232
Career-Batting  1993 CAL  75 23 56 .279
Postseason – Battling  1993 CWS 3 1 0 .000
Expanded – Batting  1993 CWS  34 1 0 .076

Bo Jackson Height and Weight

Baseball player, Bo Jackson’s height is 1.85. He is the tallest member of his family. His height impressed his school sports teacher. He suggested that Bo try baseball. He was his first coach and today he is a legend in baseball. Bo Jackson’s weight is  104 kg. Bo Jackson has strong muscles and a muscular physique. He is also skilled at acting and debating. He becomes, at the age of 50, the President of the Health and Sports Medicine Council in Birmingham. He acted in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1990, Lois & Clark: The New Adventure of Superman movie, Moesha movie, and Married…. with Children movie. 

NFL Star Bo Jackson

Former baseball and football player, Bo Jackson is an NFL Star. He married Linda Jackson, his long-term partner. Linda is a clinical psychologist. In July 2022, he donated $170,000 to the massacre of 21 children in Uvalde (Texas), United States. On 9 May 2009, he delivered a memorable speech at Auburn University’s graduation ceremony. He was awarded the NCAA Silver Anniversary Award in 2011 He is a true, hardworking, dedicated, and loving son. He is a great manager of both family and sport. His children were so proud of him that they began playing football at an earlier age. He became a National Football League player in 1990, scoring around 1310 yards in the major tournament. 


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