Who Is Benita Alexander, Where Is Benita Alexander Now?

Who is Benita Alexandra?

The true-crime documentary “The Con” from ABC is a series that covers some of the most atrocious scams that have happened in recent history. The show exposes how people have been cheated and betrayed both financially and emotionally. The series began with an episode about Paolo Macchiarini, a former world-renowned doctor and his involvement with Benita Alexandr. 

Benita Alexander Biography

Benita Alexander is a producer and director. She is also a narrator and has appeared on numerous episodes of Dateline and Now. She has also appeared on Inside the Obama White House. She is a highly successful professional, but has faced a number of difficulties in her personal and professional lives. Despite having a very difficult childhood, she was able to graduate magnacum laude from Wayne State University’s Wayne State University in 1987. She became a qualified journalist after which she began appearing on a variety of television shows. 

Benita Alexander Husband

Benita Alexander married John Noel, a fellow reporter, and moved to New York together. They welcomed their daughter there, but they filed for divorce six more years later. In 2012, she married Edson Jeune, a ballroom instructor. However, that didn’t work out. Through a professional connection, she found Paolo Macchiarini 2013 and began a romantic relationship with him. One year later, she realized her fiance was a complete liar and was scammed. Paolo even claimed that the pope would visit their wedding. Once she realised that he was a scam artist she decided she would reveal all of his lives in a documentary called “He Lied About Everything.’ 

Where is Benita Alexander now?

Benita has spoken many times about her experience in media, including detailed reports and speeches. She wanted to spread awareness about Love Con, and to offer a safe space to survivors. She lives with her daughter in New York, and is a freelance producer for Lion Television. She is also a prominent figure who uses her platform to expose and empower women. She also has her own podcast titled “Benita and the Berracas.” 

Benita Alexander Daughter

In the late 1990s, Benita Alexander married John Noel, a fellow reporter. They moved together to New York City and welcomed their daughter Jessina in 2003. Benita and her husband divorced six more years later in 2009. Benita was granted custody of their child. Her daughter was the only constant in her entire life, despite her many relationships and marriages. Even though she was working with Paolo Macchiarini scam artist, her daughter was always there for her and spent time with them. Her daughter is not currently represented on social media. This article will be updated as soon as an image becomes available.   

Benita Alexander Net Worth

There have been a lot of estimates on Benita Alexander’s net worth. Some websites have put her net worth at one million dollars, while others claim she has more like 10 million dollars. Benita herself has not commented about her net worth. She has made her fortune through her long career in journalism, reporting, and the many documentaries and shows that she has created. 

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