Who is Asia Argento Dating? All About Her Personal Life

Italian filmmaker and actress Asia Argento recently made the news after publishing a crass photo on her Instagram stories which fans speculate are in response to the controversial release of her ex-boyfriend Anthony Bourdain’s biography entitled “Anthony Bourdain’s Life: Down and Out in Paradise“, written by author Charles Leerhsen.

The 47-year-old actress had uploaded a picture of herself that was captioned “STOP BUSTING MY BALLS” on Thursday, September 29, which fans believe is a dig at the final text message she had sent her then-boyfriend Anthony before the celebrated writer hanged himself on June 8, 2018.

Fans are naturally curious about Asia Argento’s current relationships. Fortunately for them, unlike many celebrities, Asia prefers to be transparent and open about her love life. She has dated many famous people over the years.

Asia Argento Boyfriend

Asia Argento has been dating an Italian MMA fighter since August 2022. Michele Titi MartignoniThe Italian Thunder is the name of a famous couple. The photos we saw of the couple were all loving-up and enjoying time at sea.

Martignoni, 26 years old, is signed to Cage Warriors in Britain and competes as a Flyweight fighter according to ESPN. Martignoni has also fought alongside big names in MMA such as N Turcan, A. Amarasingh and N. Fletcher.

Michele’s main account on Instagram has about 5,000 followers and is full of pictures documenting his MMA career so far, in addition to the more recent photos of himself sharing smiles and hugs with his significant other, Asia. Michele used to date Yasmin, a fashion model. However, the couple split in 2021.

CC: Asia with Morgan Credits: Listal

Asia Argento Dating History

Asia Argento has been in many relationships over the years. Here is a list with the most talked-about.

Marco Castoldi (2000-2006)

Asia Argento was a date with Marco Castoldi (Italian rock and roll singer and lead vocalist of Bluvertigo), who was mononymously called Morgan between 2000 and 2006. They had their first child together, Anna Lou, who was born June 20, 2001.

Michael Carmen Pitt (2003 – 2004)

American musician, model, and actor Michael Carmen Pitt dated Asia Argento after meeting her for the first time on the set of ‘The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things’, and the pair were engaged in 2003 before Argento ended the engagement in 2004, leaving Pitt “upset.”

Asia & Micheal Pitt

CC: Asia & Micheal Pitt, Credits: Daily Mail

Micheal is popular for his roles in NBC’s Hannibal Season 2 as Mason Verger, Dawson’s Creek as Henry Parker, The Dreamers (2003), and so on.

Michele Civetta (2005-2013)

Asia married Michele Civetta, an Italian director, in Arezzo on August 27, 2008. They had been together for ten year, dating since 2005. The couple welcomed their first child together, though Asia’s second, on 15 September 2008 in Rome, son Nicola Giovanna.

Michele Civetta, in an interview with People, revealed that he enjoyed being around the actress as much possible.

Michele, Asia, & Daughter Anna

Michele Civetta, Asia, & Daughter Anna

Michele had spoken highly of his wife, Asia, describing her as an actor and director, who also had the ability to absorb literature and music from all cultures. 

He also said that he enjoyed being around Asia as much as possible because the two of their personalities were similar. However, Quintessence Films founder, Asia Quintessence, was proud that Asia understood the importance of his priorities and had just as much respect for him as she had for his own work.

Anthony Bourdain (2016-2018)

After the first set of, you will get to know one another. Parts Unknown, Anthony’s CNN show in 2016, Asia and Anthony began seeing each other. The pair engaged in an open relationship due to their hectic schedules but were known to enjoy each other’s company more than that any others.

She explained that Anthony’s profession required him to travel for the better part of the year, leaving them both alone and uncared for, so the pair understood each other’s needs to engage romantically with people other than themselves.

Anthony & Asia

CC: Anthony & Asia. Credits: Page Six

The couple were often in the news for their unusual relationship, which Bourdain was 20-years older than Asia. She was 42 and he was 62.

However, there was trouble in paradise when some pictures surfaced online, that of French reporter Hugo Clement and Asia dancing together and being cozy with each other at a restaurant that was special to Bourdain and Argento’s time together.

Five days later, Anthony Bourdain, famed chef, writer and TV personality, committed suicide on June 8, 2018. His fans were furious at Asia and claimed that it was she who had murdered him.

An emotional Asia, in an interview with DailyMailTV, expressed sorrow over the vitriol she received from people who blamed her over Anthony’s death and said that her fling with the reporter Hugo could not have been what prompted Bourdain to take his own life as it was not a problem for the two of them to cheat on each other. Anthony was known to cheat on the actress quite often.

Current dating for the XXXX stardom Michele Titi Martignoni, She is 21 years younger than her. Her loyal fans, who have seen all the drama the actress has endured, are eager to see what the future holds and are rooting for her happiness.

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