Who is Alexandria Herring Dating Amid Ned Fulmer Drama?

Alexandria Herring, a Los Angeles native made headlines after some disturbing images surfaced on social networking. The Try Guys’ Ned Fulmer possibly engaged in an extramarital affair with a woman in a red dress at a club in New York. It is certain that Herring is the woman in question, netizens believe.

Alexandria is an associate producer at The Try Guys Youtube Collective, where Ned was previously part of the main cast. She was featured in multiple videos and quickly became one the most popular employees at the comedy series, which has around 8,000,000 subscribers.

As of 2019, Alexandria also became the face of Food Babies, which is The Try Gus’ offshoot series, alongside video editor YB Chang. The pair experiment with various foods and take part in entertaining challenges like the 60 oz challenge and the 400 chicken nugget challenge with the Try Guys.

Alexandria Herring is supposedly engaged to fiancé Will Thayer, her long-time boyfriend of 10 years, as of 2022. The couple had just celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in 2016, and she recently posted on Instagram that she had announced her intention to wed Will Thayer, her long-term boyfriend of 10 years.

According to reports, Will Thayer, who is 31 years old, had met Herring when she was in high school. The couple later attended University of Hawaii Hilo together, Thayer playing college baseball and Herring obtaining her communications and anthropology degrees.

CC: Ned Fulmer Credits: People

Alexandria revealed in a Try Guys video dated February 2022, titled “Women wear wedding dresses for the first time“, where she got emotional while trying on a wedding gown, that she was too young when she and Will first met each other to be looking for something so serious as a relationship.

But they couldn’t part and started a long-distance marriage. Will attended college in Hawaii and she joined him in college.

We know from her Instagram that the couple frequently traveled in each other’s company, with several pictures featuring them in beautiful sites such as Tunnels Beach Kauai in Hawaii; Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, New York City, and South Lake Tahoe in California.

Ned Fulmer Scandal

The scandal surrounding Alexandria, or Alex as her fans like to call her, and Ned Fulmer surfaced after her fiance, Will received some questionable images of the pair getting busy in a club called Niagara by NYU and publicly posted them on Reddit under the alias “Hamilton 390“.

Ned Fulmer was among the four men who made up the internet group The Try Guys. Alexandria was also associated with Eugene Lee Yang and Zach Kornfeld. Keith Habersberger is also known for recording their reactions as they experiment with anything that will entertain them. 

The Try Guys

CC: The Try Guys. Credits: CBC

Fulmer, however, recently left the group. Fans noticed that he was absent from the podcast’s last three episodes. The YouTuber was also removed from The Try Guys introduction. This was an obvious sign of Fulmer’s departure.

Eventually, The Try Guys posted a message on Twitter confirming Ned Fulmer’s exit, which laid out that Ned Fulmer would no longer be working with the collective because, after a meticulous internal review, The Try Guys could not find common ground to go forward together with him. The one-man down Try Guys thanked their fans for their support.

Subsequently, Ned admitted to cheating on his wife with the producer of the show i.e, Alex, in a social media post in which he expressed regret saying that family should always have been above anything else, but an unfortunate loss of focus led him to engage in a “consensual” office affair.

The ex-Try Guy apologized to his fans and the guys, but also for the hurt he caused his wife Ariel. The tweet ended with Ariel apologizing for the pain he caused to her husband and children.

It is worth noting that Fulmer, while still being a member of The Try Guys, built his brand around his devotion to his wife Ariel as he often spoke about her in the group’s YouTube videos and additional media. Ariel, a regular character on the show, particularly the Tomahawk Steak Challenge was also a part of the show’s cast, didn’t waste any time on social media posting about the issue. She said that their family was the most important thing to them both.

She thanked everyone for taking the time to reach her, but asked them to keep their private information confidential for the sake their children. Moreover, Ariel recently removed the word “wife” from her Instagram bio.

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Alexandria Herring & Will Thayer’s Relationship Timeline

After learning about his partner’s infidelity from a clubgoer who shared videos and photos of Alex and married Try Guy Ned Fulmer, Will Thayer had a talk with the latter’s wife for about an hour before deleting all his Instagram posts with his fiancee Alex, unfollowing her and making his account private.

A clubgoer stated that Alexandria was wearing red and that Alexandria was there at 1:00 AM. Try They will keep the details of their affair secret. Alex and Will have not yet released an official statement regarding the fiasco. Will didn’t shy away from revealing his relationship status, declaring that Alex and Will were engaged when Alex was a friend. Steven CuzzortA photo of him was posted on Instagram by, a toast to his new single life.

After Ned “the wife guy” Fulmer’s exit from the group, the internet collective now consists of the three remaining members along with a few of their employees who occasionally appear in The Try Guys’ videos. However, we are still uncertain about Alexandria’s employment status and if she is still part of the show.

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