Who Has Venus Williams Dated? All Her Relationships So Far

Venus Williams is having a tough time in the current Tennis championship league. The Williams sisters are not performing well this season. One fan suggested that they should quit after such a poor performance. Venus is yet to get married, but Serena has a Family and her Venture Investments. Venus was not a stranger in relationships throughout her life. Venus had strong relationships, even if they were short-term. It was also noted that even after her split, she continued to have good relationships with her ex-partners. Her relationship was private, therefore they were not subject to public scrutiny.

The next section will cover Venus Williams’ dating history, and the reasons they split. Although the relationship was mostly positive, there were some issues that weren’t meant to be. We’ll explain why Williams was in this situation and how Williams dealt with the pressure.

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Venus Williams’ Dating History

Though Venus Williams is prolific in her tennis career same can’t be said about her love life. The tennis player has had three relationships in the past, and they weren’t short, just for the fun type. She spent a lot of time with them, and a lot of time together. 

Hank Kuehne: Venus Williams was a Pro-Golfer for three consecutive years. Their relationship lasted from 2007 to 2010. We don’t know the details of their relationship. Although there was speculation that they were in a relationship, the couple ended up splitting. But, it isn’t clear if the exact details of this split are correct. Hank also married one year after the breakup. He married a woman without media presence. It is probable that it will remain that way.

Elio Pis: Williams began dating the Cuban model after she split with Kuehne two years ago. While working together on her clothing label, they got to know one another better. They began dating shortly after and remained together for five years. They were seen together shortly after their split, indicating that they were still close. They were seen together again not long after they had split up, indicating that they were still in good terms.

Nicholas Hammond: This is the final known relationship for the tennis star. She began dating him in the year that she ended her relationship with Elio pis. Venus Williams was at first involved with the millionaire and they became close in a short time. Their relationship ended in 2019 after only two years. Hammond loved his time with her, and gave her a friend ring to show their appreciation. Their age differences were the reason they split. Venus desired children and family while Hammond did not have such plans.

 Though they were long and the couple agreed with each other many things didn’t turn out in her favor. And as such, the tennis star is single at the moment but isn’t deterred by it.

Venus Williams

CC: Venus Williams

Venus Williams is not dating anyone?

Venus Williams, despite being the most famous tennis player in the world is now single. Although she has the support of her friends, Venus Williams is also facing societal pressures to have a child.

However, this does not mean that the tennis player isn’t open to the possibility of getting married. It is possible that she will accept the marriage proposal, given her interest in starting a family together with Hammond.

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