Who are Chantal Videla Parents? Where is Chantal Videla Parents From? What is Chantal Videla Parents Nationality?

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Who are Chantal Videla’s Parents?

 Chantal Videla, a Filipina Actress and Model, was born December 12, 2002. Many people are eager to learn about their favourite celebrity’s personal life. Chantal Videla parents is the most popular topic on the internet. Let’s find out who Chantal Videla parents are and more.

 Chantal Videla Parents has no information about her parents.  

Where are Chantal Videla Parents?

At this time, we don’t have any information about Chantal Videla Parents.

What is Chantal Videla Parent’s Nationality?

Filipina Actress and Model Information about Chantal Videla’s parents is not available. Chantal Videla is a child of Chantal Videla. December 12, 2002 The nationality of Chantal Videla Parent is not known.

Chantal Videla Father

Chantal Videla’s father’s name is not clear. There is no information regarding his family.

Chantal Videla Mother

His mother is not well-known. Stay connected to our page for the latest updates.


Chantal Videla Biography

Name Chantal Videla
Profession Filipina Actress and Model
Father Not known
Mother Not known
Chantal Videla Nationality Philippine

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