Where Was Just Friends Filmed?

Directed by Roger Kumble, ‘Just Friends’ is a 2005 romantic comedy movie that follows the transformation of Chris Brander — from being an obese high school student to an attractive and successful womanizer. Chris falls in love at high school with Jamie Palamino, his best friend. He feels that this is the time to let her know how he feels. But he is rejected and leaves the town.

Fast forward ten more years and Chris is now a successful record executive. His attractiveness makes him a favorite among all women. Even after all his success, he still feels for Jamie. He returns to his hometown to try to win her affections again. Comedy is enhanced by the funny performances of a talented ensemble cast that includes Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart as well as Anna Faris and Chris Klein. While the unique story keeps the viewers hooked, the snowy locations fuel one’s curiosity about the actual filming sites. We have the perfect solution for you if you’re one of these curious people!

Just Friends Filming Locations

‘Just Friends’ was filmed in Saskatchewan and California, specifically in Regina, Moose Jaw, and Los Angeles. Principal photography for the romcom was reportedly done in 2005. For the scenes that featured Chris Brander at high school, it took the makeup department four hours to make Ryan Reynolds’ 12-pound face. The filming unit shot a majority of the movie in Saskatchewan’s winter, even when the temperatures went down as low as -34 degrees Celsius. Now, let’s take a look at all the specific locations that appear in the film!


Most of the pivotal sequences for ‘Just Friends’ were lensed primarily across Saskatchewan, a prairie and boreal province in Western Canada. The property at 3270 Albert Street and 22nd Avenue in the city of Regina portrayed Jamie’s house in the movie. Meanwhile, the house at 330 Hall Street West and Henleaze Avenue and 54 Oxford Street West, just west of Clifton Ave, both in the city of Moose Jaw, doubled for Chris Brander’s house and Clark’s house, respectively.

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According to some reports, the River Park Camp Grounds at 300 River Drive, Moose Jaw was used for the hilarious scenes of Chris playing hockey and being embarrassed by children. As for the church fight scene between Chris and Dusty, they were taped in and around St. Joseph’s Parish at 1064 3 Avenue Northwest in Moose Jaw. In addition, Main Street North & Manitoba Street West in Moose Jaw served as pivotal production locations as well.

Los Angeles, California

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Additional portions of ‘Just Friends’ were also recorded in Los Angeles, a major city in Southern California. The City of Angels was used to film the scenes in LA. The building at 1800 North Vine Street served as Samantha James’ Recording Studio, where Chris works. The property at 5505 Tuxedo Terrace in Los Angeles portrayed Chris’ lavish LA house. Besides ‘Just Friends,’ many movies and TV shows have featured the locales of the city over the years. Some of the notable ones are ‘Whiplash,’ ‘Eternals,’ ‘Hacks,’ and ‘SEAL Team.’

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