Where Was Hidden Gems Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Romantic Drama! 

Don’t get me wrong, I really do despise the idea of marriage. That is why I watch sloppy romantic movies or wedding-themed movies on The Hallmark Channel. These movies are short and sweet, which can bring joy to anyone. One such movie is Hidden Gems (2022). Locations are what give the movie its charm. That may be why you are wondering. Well, you’ll get an answer after you know Where was it Hidden Gems filmed. 

Hallmark Channel is known for their Christmas-themed movies, which are often filled with romance or people falling in love. With their simple storylines and hope-filled messages, these movies are a great way to give hope and open doors for people who have lost hope. I mean, how relieving it is to know that there’s someone in this world who is made entirely for you. It’s great to realize that other people may be praying, hoping, or trying to find you.

Anyways, let’s get back to where was Hidden Gems filmed. If you think that the movie was filmed in Vancouver, like all Hallmark movies, you’re wrong. Surprisingly the production company chose to film in Vancouver. Hidden Gems Hawaii, United States Although there aren’t many Hallmark movies shot here, the setting is perfect for the storyline.

These are the locations for filming. Hidden Gems are so beautiful that you’d definitely want to visit them. You will want to know more about these places if you truly desire to visit them. So, keep scrolling because I’ll be discussing where was Hidden Gems Filmed in detail 

Hidden Gems: The Plot of Hidden Gems | What Is Hidden Gems About?

The plot of Hidden Gems follows Addie (played by Hunter King) as she goes to Hawaii for her sister’s destination wedding. Addie is to serve as the maid of honour for the ceremony. But, during a paddleboard yoga session at the Hawaiian resort, Addie ends up losing her grandmother’s ring, the family’s most treasured heirloom. 

Addie wants to find the ring. Despite the fact the ring is now at the bottom, Addie still wants it. Jack is Jack’s local dive instructor. He’s a bit of a lone wolf but somehow agrees to help Addie. 

Jack insists that Addie, who has been certified as a Scuba diver, accompany him on his quest for the missing heirloom. Initially, Jack doesn’t agree with this. They eventually come to an agreement and begin searching for the ring together. 

It starts as a treasure hunt in deep ocean depths. But as the time passes, it becomes more meaningful and romantic. Jack and Addie discover hidden treasures in the Hawaiian ocean together, while also falling in love.

We’ll be discussing the film briefly before we continue.

Date of Release June 4, 2022
Running Time 1h 25m
Directed by Maclain Nelson
Produced by Ricardo S. Galindez, Roy Tjioe, Kenneth Burke
Starring Hunter King, Beau Mirchoff, Eliza Hayes Maher, Jordan Matlock, Diane Sargent, Brian Connors, Isabelle Du, Marita de Lara
IMDb Rating 6.5/10

Now, without further ado, let’s see where was Hidden Gems filmed! 

Here’s Where Was Hidden Gems Filmed | Explore All Filming Locations Below!

Isn’t the storyline of Hidden Gems Just how heartwarming is that? Addie and Jack’s romance will keep you hooked to your screens! You might be surprised at what else you will be captivated by. You can film in these locations Hidden Gems! You’re bound to fall in love with all the picturesque places Addie and Jack visit in the movie. You will fall in love with them so deeply that you would also like to visit them. And that’s why you need to know where was Hidden Gems filmed! 

Also, because you like to read about the beautiful filming locations of Hallmark’s romance movies, you should check out where Fly Away with Me, A Royal Christmas?, and As luck would have it They were filmed. I’m sure that you’re going to like these filming locations as well! 

O’ahu, Hawaii

Hidden Gems was primarily filmed in O’ahu, Honolulu’s capital city. The majority of the scenes that you will see in the movie were filmed at the Kahala Hotel & Resort located at 5000 Kahala Avenue. This resort is perhaps the most well-known in Honolulu. 

It is home to many well-known personalities such as Richard Nixon, Barack Obama, and others. In 1985, Prince Charles and Princess Diana booked 100 rooms in the hotel to host a party.  

Several beach scenes that you see in the movie were filmed at Waimanalo Beach, which is located on the eastern end of O’ahu. Film crews were able to capture many stunning shots of the ocean from the beach. 

Maui, Hawaii

Where Was Hidden Gems Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Romantic Drama! 

One part of the filming Hidden Gems Also, the event took place on Maui in Hawaii. Maui is Hawaii’s second-largest island. There are several breathtaking beaches on Maui’s coast. These beaches attract many tourists to snorkel and other water sports. You might be wondering where these beautiful underwater scenes were made. 

Before Hidden Gems, Movies such as “The Last Jedi” used Maui to shoot. Oblivion Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End etc.  

Last words

Alright, folks! We’ve reached the bottom of this post. I hope you now know the end of this post. Hidden Gems filmed. The entire movie was shot in Hawaii. This location is a popular tourist attraction. If you’re visiting Hawaii, you can also go to the filming locations. Hidden Gems! Isn’t that super convenient?! 

Which Production Companies have worked on Hidden Gems?

Hidden Gems was made possible by Island Film Group. 

Is Hidden Gems Available On Netflix?

Hidden Gems cannot be found on Netflix. 

Is Hidden Gems Available On Amazon Prime Video?

Hidden Gems can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video. 

Hidden Gems on the Hallmark Channel:

Hidden Gems is on The Hallmark Channel. 

Is Hidden Gems Available On Google Play Movies? 

Hidden Gems is now available on Google Play Movies. 

Who is the Writer of Hidden Gems Movie?

Brook Durham wrote the movie Hidden Gems. 

Are there any other movies that are hidden gems?

Hidden Gems is a movie you might enjoy. You can also watch it. Moriah’s Lighthouse, Two Tickets To Paradise, Caribbean Summer, Rip In Time, Romance To The Rescue, A Splash Of Love, Road Trip Romance, Big Sky River, Color My World With Love, etc. 

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