Where is Susan Winters’ Husband Gregory Brent Dennis Now?

Gregory Brent Dennis found Susan Winters unresponsive in her home in January 2015. This was just days after she had rung in the new year. Initial reports suggested that it was suicide. However, more information was discovered in the months following. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: A Cool Desert Morning’ focuses on what happened in the Henderson, Nevada, home and why the police ultimately believed Gregory was responsible. So, if you’re curious to find out more, we’ve got you covered.

Gregory Brent Dennis is who?

Gregory Dennis, a psychologist and caller to 911 reported his wife unresponsive in her bed at 6:48 AM, January 3, 2015. First responders noticed a faint heartbeat, and took her to the hospital. She died later that afternoon after Gregory requested to remove her life support. The initial ruling regarding Susan’s death was based primarily on what he told the police.

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Gregory claimed that he had been with Susan the night before and that they had been fighting. She had also been drinking. Gregory also stated that Susan was suicidal. She was also on antidepressant medication. He claimed that he had left Susan asleep at 6 pm when he went out with the girls. Gregory later stated that he had found antifreeze poisoning searches on his family computer. Gregory also claimed that two antifreeze bottles were not appropriate for the garage.

Gregory confronted Susan about it and she said that she had spoken of not feeling loved. When he suggested calling 911 for help, Susan grabbed a hammer and threatened to hurt herself. Dennis claimed that he went down to bed around 10:30 PM and woke up at 2 or 3 AM to use the bathroom. He then returned to sleep before his wife became unresponsive at 7 AM.

Initially, the authorities ruled Susan’s death a suicide, with the coroner saying she died of a combination of ethylene glycol poisoning and oxycodone intoxication. However, Susan’s parents, Danny and Avis Winters, were not satisfied; they felt Gregory had something to do with the death and hired a private investigator and an attorney to push for answers. That pursuit for justice ultimately led the police to reopen the case and arrest Gregory, with the coroner later changing Susan’s manner of death to undetermined.

The family’s investigative team uncovered a lot of new evidence that pointed in Gregory’s direction. They claimed that he searched for antifreeze poisoning around 5:15 AM on January 3rd. Further, the information was accessed remotely, possibly from an office. Gregory also hired someone to erase any trace of the search.

In addition, the report claimed that Susan would have been too weak to drive to the garage and drink the antifreeze. However, there was no evidence that antifreeze was in the bedroom where Susan was found. Gregory had access to oxycodone while Susan was not being prescribed it. His wife knew that he was suffering from drug addiction and had frequent trips to a drug dealer working out of a Hotel.

One of Susan’s messages to her friend before her death read, “lots and lots of coke. Still not completely sure the whole coke thing isn’t a cover-up for being gay. Guess I need to find an NA meeting and a wives with gay husbands meeting too.” While Gregory claimed to have stayed at home all night, cellphone records showed that was untrue. Gregory had gone to his drug dealer at 3AM on January 3, and returned to his home about half an hour later.

There was also a financial motive. Gregory tried to access Susan’s bank account after she went to bed. Days after she died, he cashed in a check worth $180,000 from her and her parents’ joint account. He also received a $1 million life insurance policy and more than half a million of Susan’s inheritance. Gregory admitted that he used drugs throughout their marriage. However, he claimed that Susan had actually committed suicide.

Gregory Brent Dennis Where are You Today?


Gregory was accused of killing Susan because she threatened to expose him drug use and for money. They said that Gregory called 911 after Susan’s death. Gregory returned to court in January 2022 after a pandemic-induced delay. Gregory, then 59 years old, entered an Alford plea of voluntary manslaughter. Gregory was sentenced to three to ten years in prison by a judge in May 2022. The couple’s two daughters, who stood by their father, believed that Susan had killed herself. Prison records show that Gregory remains in Las Vegas, Nevada’s Southern Desert Correctional Center. In 2025, Gregory will be eligible to receive parole.

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