Where is Sex Offender William Troy Stanson Now?

On Investigation Discovery’s ‘In Pursuit with John Walsh: Captured: Justice Served,’ the viewers revisit older cases featured on the show and how the efforts led to the capture of culprits evading the law. William Troy Stanson is one example. He was a convicted sex offender who had been on the run for four years. His capture came in February 2020 thanks to tips received after the program aired. So, let’s find out what happened then, shall we?

Who is William Troy Stanson

William first came onto the authorities’ radar in 2014 in Bridgman, Michigan. He was a single dad raising Kayla as a teenager. Kayla invited a few friends to her Halloween party and had a sleepover that night. William was the subject of serious accusations in the days following. According to the show, Allyson, who was at the sleepover, stated that William offered them alcohol, which lowered the girls’ inhibitions.

William then played Truth or Dare with the teenage girls. He made inappropriate comments, and asked them to do inappropriate dares. Allyson discussed how William challenged them to touch his feet, show their disgust, and then strip him. He was quickly charged with kidnapping children for immoral purposes. William tried to downplay the event when questioned.

William eventually pleaded not guilty to the same charge in June 2015. He was released on bail while awaiting sentencing. Kayla, William’s daughter, provided more disturbing details. She revealed to police that her father had sex several years ago with her. Kayla, who was about three years old when Kayla appeared on the show, stated that she suffered abuse from her father since the age of four and then intensified after her parents divorced eight years later.

In July 2015, William was brought into question by Kayla. He initially denied that he had a relationship with Kayla. However, he later admitted to it. William said they had “an intimate and loving relationship” involving sexual intercourse. He admitted to having had sex with his child multiple times, getting pregnant at sixteen and then paying Indiana for the abortion.

Where is William Troy Stanson today?

William was arrested on suspicion of murder about a week later. He was never seen again. He fled the scene, missing his court date for sentencing. Authorities discovered that William had sold his truck in Lake Havasu City (Arizona), on August 15, 2015. This is approximately 150 miles from the US/Mexico border. He had previously tried to cross into Canada, but was refused entry due to his status as a sex offender.

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William’s whereabouts were a mystery in the years after that until his case was featured on ‘In Pursuit with John Walsh’ in January 2020. A tip from Baja California, Mexico, just days later, led to Williams’ arrest. A neighbor recognized Williams and called police. According to the show, William was married there and had worked in construction.

He was convicted in September 2021 of two counts each of first-degree sexual misconduct involving a child younger than 13 years and a defendant older than 17 years, and two counts of criminal sexual conduct involving an biological relationship. William, who was 55 years old, was sentenced in December 2021 to a minimum of 35 year imprisonment before he could be eligible for parole. Prison records show that William is currently incarcerated in St. Louis Correctional Facility (Gratiot County), Michigan. William’s earliest release date is 2055.

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