Where is Richard Petrick, the Stalker of Michelle Fischer?

Investigation Discovery’s “Obsession Dark Desires An Old Man and His Gun recounts the misdeeds of stalker Richard Petrick as he stalked and assaulted his ex-wife Michelle Fischer, in April 2010, after an entire year of relentlessly pestering her. The show focuses on the survivor’s suffering, allowing viewers to recognize the fine line that divides love from obsession. What was Richard Petrick do? Let’s discover.

What are you? Richard Petrick?

Richard Petrick of Merrillville, Indiana, was in the army, working as a soldier in the two military branches and was an experienced combat veteran. He was in a relationship with Michelle Fischer for quite some time and lived in Michelle’s Frankfort Square home in Illinois with her young daughter. Michelle was the supervisor of legal secretaries for a Chicago law firm, and it worked quite well to a momentous day in the middle of 2007. According to Michelle’s story on the show, Richard was unhappy with her daughter.

Michelle claimed that Richard always made a fuss about her daughter when she came back from work, complaining about her loudness and the mess she created with her friends. The problem got more and more threatening until the day he made a loud noise at the child and came close to hitting her. The terrified girl immediately called her mom at work. Michelle returned to end the relationship with Richard and take him out of her home.

The quiet seemed to last for a time, and Michelle even began dating again after Richard decided to come back. Two years after separation, Richard called his ex-girlfriend in August 2009 and demanded $10,000 to let her on her own. He claimed to have warned her that she must pay the money or something terrible could happen to her and her family. In the next few days, Richard kept his threats and began texting, calling, and continually pestering her.

The abuse got so bad that eventually, Michelle needed to seek a protective order against Richard in the last quarter of 2009. Richard was so erratic and rude during the courtroom, even swerving at Michelle before the judge a few times, but the order was swiftly granted. The judge barred Richard from communicating with Michelle in any manner whatsoever. However, Richard repeatedly violated the court order by appearing at her home as well as stalking her and calling her frequently.

The issue began to get out of hand at the beginning of 2010, when an anxious Michelle constantly looked at her back, worried that her ex-boyfriend might lurk behind the scenes. In the program, she admitted that she was scared, but her daughter and her former boyfriend dismissed it as just a bit of paranoia. However, her biggest fears became a reality when she saw Richard parking in front of her home in February 2010. An ecstatic Michelle promptly called the police on him. Richard was detained with pellet guns, a hunting knife that measured 10 inches, the Winchester rifle, a .22-caliber semiautomatic rifle, and a box of ammunition and binoculars.

Richard was accused of aggravated stalking after his arrest by the Will County Sheriff’s deputy, and he was arrested and convicted before being placed in jail. Then, Richard received his release from jail in April 2010, released on bail, and Michelle discovered that he’d purchased ammunition and weapons using his credit card. The fearful Michelle set up an alarm system at her residence and requested that the police be on the lookout for suspicious people in the area.

On April 9 2010, Michelle was shocked to see Richard in the bushes just before her home at about 6:30 am. In a panic, she went to secure the doors when Richard tried to enter the home after he shot through the sliding patio door using pellet guns. Michelle dialled 911, and fought Richard off, then fled through the front door when Will County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived at the scene. The deputies gathered outside while Richard kept himself inside with Michelle’s child.

The 23-year-old, scared, jumped through a window on the second floor, falling onto the driveway. According to local reports, she suffered a concussion, whiplash, and broken vertebrae. Richard entered the home as he poured a glass of wine, and left an email on Michelle’s answering machine before the police shot him and arrested him.

What is the location of Richard Petrick Today?

He could not put down his weapon and yelled that the need for him to be shot should be taken down before the officer shot him in the eye. This was an incredible feat. Richard escaped the gunshot and was found guilty and sentenced to 17 years of prison in August of this year. Richard was wearing an eye patch during his trial and confessed to felony stalking, home invasion and aggravated assault. The judge weighed in on his military service and the absence of any prior criminal convictions prior to imposing Richard his sentence.

Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow predicted that Richard would serve at least eight years in prison, considering his good behaviour and prison time over the last one and a half years. After his release, the defendant will have to undergo three years of compulsory supervised release, preventing his contact with Michelle anytime during that time.

Michelle stated, “It’s obvious that emotionally, there’s not adequate (prison) duration. If they had said 100 years, I’d be content with the sentence.” In 2022, it could be believed that Richard has completed his sentence and his time in supervision and is now lying on the ground in Illinois in the shadows, avoiding public scrutiny.

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