Where is Rapist Jeffrey Marsalis Now?

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there were several rapes from 2003 to 2005. Surprisingly, the police investigation revealed that Jeffrey J. Marsalis was at least three of these rapes. Jeffrey set up a fake profile on a dating website to lure his victims. However, more investigation revealed that his crimes went beyond Pennsylvania. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Web of Lies: Playing Doctor’ chronicles Jeffrey’s criminal actions and how the police investigation finally got to the bottom of the matter. Let’s delve into the details surrounding the crime and find out more, shall we?

 Jeffrey J. Marsalis is Who?

Jeffrey J. Marsalis was living in Sun Valley in Idaho at the time of his arrest. However, he had previously lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a while. Jeffrey J. Marsalis opened an online dating account while in Philadelphia and tried to lure people in with fake photos and lies. He actually posted photos of himself in a NASA space suit and claimed to be a CIA, navy officer, and trauma surgeon. His ambitions were evident to women, who wanted to talk to him.

Jessika Rovell was one of these women. She met Jeffrey through a mutual friend. Although Jessika, who was studying law in Philadelphia then, never got to see Jeffrey’s online profile, he mentioned that he was a trauma surgeon, and it did not take long for the two to get comfortable with each other. Strangely, Jessika revealed later that Jeffrey would often be absent for several weeks, and when asked why, would say that he was on a secret mission for CIA.

As the days passed, Jessika’s mind traveled back to the initial days of her and Jeffrey’s relationship, and she remembered that she had blacked out after having just a bit of alcohol one fateful night. Jessika realized that she had experienced sexual intercourse, but Jeffrey was normal and friendly about it. Jessika learned that Jeffrey was drugged over time and sought a restraining orders against Jeffrey.

Jessika quickly learned that Jeffrey may have done this to other women. At least three others approached Philadelphia police and claimed Jeffrey had taken advantage between 2003 and 2005. Interestingly, the modus operandi for all three crimes were the same, and once the police searched Jeffrey’s residence, they realized that he wasn’t a doctor. Other incriminating evidence was also discovered by law enforcement officials, including a calendar listing all dates he had with the women who had made complaints against him.

Jeffrey was arrested on April 5, 2005. However, he was freed on bond. He moved to Sun Valley in Idaho and, according to reports was responsible for the rape of Joann Yettaro in October 2005. The victim had reported Jeffrey’s rape to police. Authorities later found DNA evidence that linked Jeffrey to the crime.

Where is Jeffrey J. Marsalis Right Now?

Jeffrey was accused of rape by 21 women, but he was acquitted on most of them and convicted only of two counts of sexual assault in 2007. Jeffrey pled guilty to a single charge of unlawful restraint. He was sentenced at the same time to between 10 to 21 years imprisonment. Jeffrey was then extradited to Idaho the following year. He was convicted and sentenced for rape to a 15-year term. The judge also ordered Jeffrey to serve consecutive sentences in Philadelphia and Idaho.

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Jeffrey attempted to overturn his conviction in 2020 by claiming that Jeffrey was in Park City (Utah) on the day that one of the victims from Philadelphia testified to him having raped her. He also claimed that he did not have effective counsel during the trials. Yet, his petitions weren’t entertained, and a judge turned his pleas down. Jeffrey is still in prison at SCI Forest in Marienville (Pennsylvania) and will serve his Idaho sentence following his release from Pennsylvania.

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