Where is Photographer Robert King Now?

Netflix’s ‘Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee’ follows the crazy misadventures of John McAfee. It begins in Belize where McAfee had built a good life, but the death of a neighbor led to McAfee being questioned by authorities. Thus began McAfee’s life on the run, and even when it seemed to have ended, there was much more turmoil in store for him. One thing about McAfee was that he didn’t like to go on his adventures alone. Robert King, a photojournalist, was invited to document his run from Belize. King would again cross paths with him years later. This is what he discusses in the documentary. If you are wondering where Robert King is now, here’s what you should know.

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Where is Robert King now?

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Robert King lives in Middleton Tennessee. He enjoys a peaceful life tending to his farm. “I’m starting a new life, I’ve walked away from pretty much everything materialistic that I own. Trucks, paintings, farmland, car, tractor – whatever, knick-knack bullshit. All this stuff became irrelevant, and I don’t know how or why it happened,” he said.  King’s illustrious resume boasts almost three decades of work as a photojournalist, which has led him to document wars in all major places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Sarajevo, and Syria. Although he appears to have taken a step back from the profession, he is still a journalist and filmmaker in Tennessee. He also became a real-estate specialist at eXp Realty Te, Hardeman County in 2020.

A graduate of Pratt Institute, King discovered his passion in photography “while establishing a foundation of honesty and bedrock principals founded in Courage, Integrity, Leadership, Curiosity, and Concern”. His works have been published in the covers of Newsweek and Life magazines, as well as The Guardian and Time. In 2009, a documentary ‘Shooting Robert King’ was released, which focuses on his a-decade-and-a-half-long journey in the profession that has led him to some very politically volatile places.

To bring the issue of the ongoing conflict in Syria to the fore, King published a book in 2014, titled ‘Democratic Desert’, and released a series of footage he’d captured in the country, titled ‘Syria: Ground Zero’. For his work in such difficult conditions, seeing and photographing the terrible tragedies of war, King said for people in his profession it is “a duty or the responsibility to use their trade to provide a voice for people who might not have it otherwise. I believed I could make a difference. I believed I could change things. Maybe not in war, but at least bring attention to subjects that might otherwise be ignored.”

While King hadn’t talked much about his time documenting John McAfee, he appears in the Netflix documentary to give a full context of his involvement. Although it’s difficult to identify McAfee’s exact details, King admitted that they had a mutual respect and camaraderie. Charlie Russell, the director of ‘Running With the Devil’ revealed in an interview with Esquire that King was saddened to hear the news of McAfee’s death. “Robert veers between real sadness and a feeling that this guy ended up dead in a prison and to this day his body hasn’t been released by the authorities. Robert can’t understand that. It’s very weird. I think he feels that the guy at least deserves a burial, despite all the bad things he’s done.” Russell said. King also believes that McAfee liked to tell stories, and instead of going to prison for the rest of his life, he would have liked to “give the ultimate ending” to his story.

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