Where is Nikki Whitehead’s Grandmother Della Frazier Now?

Georgia resident Nikki Whitehead, was brutally murdered at her suburban home in January 2010. It shocked everyone. After a lengthy investigation, it was revealed that her complex relationships with her family, including her twin daughters Tasmiyah, and Jasmiyah, were evident. The teenagers were deeply attached to their great-grandmother, Della Frazier, who was in utter disbelief when they were found guilty of Nikki’s death. NBC’s ‘Dateline: Bad Blood’ delves into the gruesome details of the crime and how the Whitehead twins were brought to justice. Now, if you are curious about Della’s present whereabouts, here is everything we have gathered.

Who is Della Frazier?

Former Coca-Cola employee Della Frazier had a highly conflicted relationship with her granddaughter, Nikki Whitehead, and the women often had problems regarding the upbringing of the latter’s twin daughters. Tasmiyah, Jasmiyah, and Jasmiyah Whitehead prefer to live with their great-grandmother who raised them from their infancy through their teens. Della and her husband cared for the girls together until his passing in 2009. They made sure they had a good education and a safe home.

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However, Nikki was reportedly inconsistent in the twins’ lives, and they despised their mother for her allegedly controlling nature. Moreover, Della was quite unhappy with her granddaughter’s behavior, as she felt that the latter had barely contributed to the twins’ lives. In a December 2016 interview with The Rockdale Citizen, she stated, “Nikki was a person who liked to go, and she stayed gone all the time. And she got in the wrong lifestyle, she started doing drugs and drinking and got in with the wrong people.”

After she obtained their legal custody, the twins were forced to move in with Nikki, her boyfriend Robert, at age 13. According to Della, this was done by Lynda, her estranged daughter. However, the move created a lot of hostility among the mother-daughter duo, with the girls becoming more hostile and resentful towards her parenting. Their great-grandma was also restricted from interfacing with the twins because she disliked their mother’s interference.

According to Della Jasmiyah was a victim of a lot psychological trauma, as well as Tasmiyah who suffered from mental trauma that led to physical fights with Nikki. The juvenile court intervened and sent them back with Della after one of these incidents, when the girls allegedly attacked their mother. The court did not allow them to stay with the great-grandmother and, despite their pleas for help, ordered them to stay with Della for two weeks. She regained custody of the girls in early 2010.

Jasmiyah was actually so furious at this decision, witnesses say she threatened to kill Nikki because of her hatred. She was found strangled and stabbed to death at her Conyers home, just eight days after the 16-year olds had returned to live with their mother. After an argument with their mother, Jasmiyah & Tasmiyah beat and stabbed their mother to death. They both pleaded guilty in 2014 to the murder and were sentenced for 30 years.

Della Frazier Where are You Now?

Della denied that her great grand-granddaughters had murdered Nikki, but stood alongside them during their court trials. She shared with us that she has never heard from the girls about their actions and continues to support them. In the same 2016 interview, she said, “I can’t see it…Something in my heart don’t believe it.” Della continues to care for the twins and often visits them in prison, attending a family day program at their respective facilities.

The great-grandmother was also delighted to see the Whitehead sisters earn their GEDs in 2016. Tasmiyah is pursuing a course in computer technology, while her sister is exploring a career as a physician. “I see in them what I’ve always seen — they were always loving and wanted to excel in what they did,” she said. Della, who is currently in her 80s, still lives in Clarkston, Georgia. As of 2015, her relationship with her daughter, Lynda, was still rocky; the octogenarian now awaits her great-granddaughters’ release.

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