Where Is Jimmy Kimmel Now? Why Is Jimmy Kimmel Not Hosting This Week?

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Where is Jimmy Kimmel now?

Jimmy Kimmel, an American television producer and comedian, is a host of Jimmy Kimmel’s television show. He is most well-known for hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live! which is a late night talk show that aired on ABC from 26 January 2003. He hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live before that. He was previously the co-host on The Man Show and Win Ben Stein’s Money. After Conan O’Brian’s retirement, Jimmy Kimmel is the longest-working late-night host. 

Jimmy Kimmel Doesn’t Host This Week.

Jimmy Kimmel, host of Jimmy Kimmel Live, was diagnosed with COVID-19 on May 20, 2022. He is doing well and hosting his talk show. After he was diagnosed with COVID-19, he was unable host his show so Comedian Mike Birbiglia was hired as a guest host. He announced that his daughter brought covid to the show, even though she was asked not to. He stated that he and his family were fine and that they had been vaccinated. 

Where is Jimmy Kimmel This Week

Jimmy Kimmel is currently in New York hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live, his radio show. Molly McNearney was the first woman he started dating in October 2009. She was co-head writer on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The couple were engaged in August 2012. They were married in July 2013. Their first child, Jane, was born in July 2014. The couple then had their second child, William (“Billy”), in 2017. John was born in 2017. 

Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel, the eldest child of three children, was born to Joan (Iacono), an American Express executive, and James John Kimmel (IBM executive). She was raised in Brooklyn’s Mill Basin area. Kimmel’s mother is an Italian immigrant from Ischia, Naples. Her family is originally from Albania. His paternal great-great-grandparents were immigrants from Germany two of them. The last name of his family had been “Kümmel” (caraway in German) for many generations.

Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth

American comedian and television broadcaster Jimmy Kimmel can be credited with a fortune of $50 million. Jimmy Kimmel is best known for hosting the late-night comedy talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, for which he earns a $15million yearly salary. He has been the show’s host since 2003. He was previously a sidekick for “Win Ben Stein’s Money” and co-hosted the “The Man Show”. His career in showbusiness began on the radio.

  • Where is Jimmy Kimmel Now?

  • Jimmy Kimmel is not hosting this week’s show.

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