Where is Chef Alan Bergo Now?

Hulu’s ‘Chefs vs. Wild‘ is a unique blend of cooking and survival that is sure to keep the viewers entertained. Two culinary experts are asked to create a 5-star 3-course meal. The only ingredient they can use is what they have harvested from the wild within the time limit. The contestants will need to maximize the time they spend in the forest with their foraging partner/sous chef in order create the most delicious dishes the judges have ever seen.

The premiere season featured some of the best chefs in the world. Alan Bergo is one example of such a name. His reputation as a chef/forager has increased due to his involvement in the series. His performance on the show helped him garner many fans and has left the fans intrigued about what the ‘Chefs vs. Wild’ star is up to these days. We have the answers you are looking for if you’re also curious.

Alan Bergo’s Chefs vs. Wild Journey

Episode 2 of the very first season of ‘Chefs vs. Wild’ saw Alan Bergo make his appearance on the show. Alan, who was a chef at some of the most prestigious restaurants in America, left the restaurant industry to pursue his passions for nature, writing and cooking. Alan was able to see clearly what he wanted as a forager when he entered the wilderness of Hardy Island, British Columbia. Baha Mahmutov (a survivalist expert, who was born in Kyrgyzstan) accompanied Alan as he traveled in the wild.

Baha and Alan were ready to harvest the best nature had to provide with just 96 hours. The duo were able to locate Thistle Roots, and Huckleberries within a matter of hours. However, Alan’s main goal was to find Matsutake mushrooms, and he would not easily settle for a simpler alternative. Baha found Milkcap mushrooms and Alan gave up on them. Later, they found Angel Wing mushrooms in the wild. But Alan declined to harvest them. Baha was concerned that Alan had high expectations. However, the latter insisted that he would only use Chanterelles or Matsutakes.

Baha, Alan and their dog had a little trouble when the fern they kept above the fire started to burn. However, everything else was fine. Baha and Alan decided that midway through their wild adventure, they would head towards the coast at low tide to find some seawater creatures. This allowed them to harvest lots of Shore Crabs as well as Pacific Oysters. Alan was very happy when the duo discovered Stinging Nettles. It was towards the end that Alan finally found what he was looking for – Golden Chanterelles.

oh matsutake where art thou

Baha and Alan were happy with what they had managed to obtain. Alan was now ready to cook with his findings, and the elk tenders that were given to him and Nico Albert. Baha was his sous-chef and the culinary wizard had to cook his meal for four hours. Alan’s appetizer was Wild Oyster Rockefeller, which was essentially cooked Oyster with cooked Nettle and Shore Crab butter. Braised Elk Ribs were served with a Wild Forest Medley of Cooked Thistle Roots and Chanterelles as his entree. Acorn flour crepes with Huckleberries were the dessert of the 3-course meal. Although it was hard to decide, judges Kiran Jethwa & Valerie Segrest eventually declared Alan the winner.

Where is Alan Bergo Now

Alan seems to be happy right now with his life as a writer, chef, and forager. The ‘Chefs vs. Wild’ His first book, ‘The Forager Chef’s Book of Flora,’ was released in 2021 and has been praised by many for its contents. It was even featured in Food Tank’s list of books for Food Justice and Sustainability. Apart from the Hulu show, Alan can also be seen in ‘Field, Forest, Feast,’ AKA ‘The Wild Harvest.’ In 2022, the series won two Taste Awards and a James Beard Award. Alan couldn’t be happier that the show Jesse Roesler and he worked so hard on was able gain so many accolades.

Recently, the chef attended the Midwest Wild Harvest Festival 2022. He enjoyed it immensely. Alan enjoys spending time outdoors in the wilderness and collecting food for later. Together with Daniel Vitalis he hosts Wild Fed Podcast. The podcast is all about wild food. We wish Alan all the best in his future endeavors and we hope he has a great life.

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