Where is AND1 Co-Founder Jay Coen Gilbert Now?

As a documentary that delves deep into the way a streetball brand abruptly went from international success to near collapse, Netflix’s ‘Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1’ is unlike any other. That’s because it features first-hand accounts from essentially every prominent figure involved to accentuate the fact there was nothing actually too scandalous or sordid behind its takeover. Amongst them is thus Co-Founder Jay Coen Gilbert — so now, if you wish to learn more about him, his experiences, as well as his current standing, we’ve got all the necessary details for you.

Jay Coen Gilbert is who?

Jay didn’t have a passion for basketball or a strong interest while growing up in New York City. However, he is a master of business acumen. It’s how the Horace Mann High School graduate (1985) was able to land an Analyst job at McKinsey & Company despite having obtained a Bachelor’s in East Asian Studies from Stanford (1989). However, he only worked there until June 1991. He then became an entrepreneur, starting with AND1 in May 1993, which is a sporting apparel, footwear, entertainment brand.

“Seth [Berger] and I met each other in seventh grade,” Jay stated in the original production. “He came to me in college with this idea [of establishing a basketball-based enterprise]. So I said, ‘Yes,’ cause it’ll be a lot more fun to do any business with your best friend.” He was right; plus, the fact they managed to stick to their distinct roles while maintaining open communication, including with fellow co-founder Tom Austin, further helped the m thrive.

Jay was actually the product and marketing director of AND1 for the majority of the run, before it was sold in 2005. This indicates that he was financially more comfortable than he thought. We should hence mention he does regret the compensation issues the athletes signed by them faced over the years — he said, “Had we thought of the Mixtape players like employees as opposed to endorsed athletes, then we could’ve given them some stock options. That would’ve resulted in some incremental wealth going to all those players.”

Where is Jay Coen Gilbert Right Now?

From what we can tell, Jay Coen Gilbert enjoyed a year-long sabbatical in his family’s company following the successful AND1 sale, during which they traveled to Australia and Costa Rica. After their return, Jay Coen Gilbert and Randi settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their now-adult children Dex Coen and Randi Coen are both based in Philadelphia. Ria Coen is currently enrolled at the University of California, San Diego.

Coming to Jay’s professional experiences, he co-founded a non-profit organization named B Lab in 2006 in the hopes of ensuring businesses add value to society rather than just to shareholders. For-profits can apply for the B Corporation Certification if they are transparent, accountable, sustainable, and perform well. This movement currently has 5,000 members from over 150 industries and 80 countries.

As if that’s not enough, the Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute is even the CEO of Imperative 21, a global network that believes it’s imperative for people in the 21st century to reimagine the economic system. They work together with organizations like The B Lab, The B Team and CECP, Common Future. Conscious Capitalism. The GIIN. JUST Capital and Participant. In other words, Jay’s focus these days is on sheer sustainability, along with activism for the betterment of our entire world.

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