Where is Allen Carter’s Killer Justin Dickens Now?

Allen Carter, a schoolteacher from Texas, didn’t know that his visit to a Jewelry shop in Randall County would end in his death. Allen witnessed a robbery while at the shop and lost his life trying not to let it happen. Netflix’s ‘I Am A Killer: The Mockingbird’ chronicles the horrifying murder and shows how eyewitness accounts helped law enforcement officials bring the perpetrator to justice. We have the answer if you’re interested in this case or want to find out who the killer is.

How Did Allen Carter Die?

Allen Carter, a Randall County, Texas resident, was a well-known figure in his community. Allen Carter was a schoolteacher by trade. People knew him as a generous, kind-hearted person. Allen was loved by his students and was well-known for his friendly nature. Many of his acquaintances shared their stories of how easy it was to make friends. Randall County resident Allen was an upright citizen who did not hesitate to do what was right.

Allen was shopping at a local jewel shop on March 12, 1994 when a man approached him with the pretext to buy a ring. The shop owner was turned by the attacker who pulled out a gun and demanded that Allen and the Owner get down. Although both men initially tried to cooperate, Allen took matters into his own hands and attacked the gunman. Although the gunman was taken by surprise, he managed to only shoot Allen once in the torso. As the two men struggled to control the firearm, the attacker shot Allen in his forehead. He then made a quick getaway. Allen was found on the ground bleeding from the wound and police declared him dead at the scene. An autopsy later revealed that the bullet had also passed through Allen’s hands and into his forehead, causing him to die on the spot.

Who Killed Allen Carter

The owner of the jewel shop witnessed the whole thing and used his description to help authorities narrow down Justin Dickens. According to the show, Justin was raised by a difficult family. His father had abandoned them and his mother was a drug addict. Justin met tattoo artist Dallas Moore over time and began to admire him as a father figure. But, Moore’s bad news soon became clear and Justin began to fall deeper into drug addiction and petty thievery.

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Moore found cocaine missing from Justin’s stock, and he held him responsible. The show mentioned that as his punishment, the then-seventeen-year-old was reportedly asked to take a gun and rob a local jewelry store. Justin made his way to the store and tried to commit a robbery. Three days later, he was arrested for the murder of Allen Carter.

Where is Justin Dickens Right Now?

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Justin Dickens, who was presented in court, was convicted for capital murder and sentenced death row in 1995. He was sentenced to death in 1995 for capital murder. After that, he was on death row for approximately ten years before the American Supreme Court declared that the death penalty for juvenile criminals was too harsh and excessive. According to records Justin was just 17 when he shot Allen Carter. The death penalty was then commuted in 2005. Justin Dickens, however, is currently serving a life sentence at Huntsville’s Wynne Unit and will be eligible to parole in 2034.

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