Where Are The Hype Season 2’s Knoxx and Khanh Now?

Created by Rachelle Mendez, David Collins, Rob Eric, and Michael Williams, HBO Max’s ‘The Hype’ is a popular fashion reality series. The series gives streetwear designers an opportunity to showcase their talents to some of the most prominent names in the fashion industry. The designers can win many skills and wins through various challenges. This is all to help them secure a cosignation from the judges and a $150,000 cash prize.

The recently released season 2 of the show introduced viewers to Brittney “Knoxx” Brooks and Khahn Ngo. Both designers were ready to face any challenge presented to them and made a name for their self. They have both been adored by many people who want to learn more about them, and their current whereabouts. Here’s everything we know about them!

Brittney “Knoxx” Brooks and Khahn Ngo’s The Hype Journey

Brittney “Knoxx” Brooks and Khahn Ngo were among the nine designers who secured a spot for themselves in the competitions thanks to their clothing racks, which were examined by the judges at the very start. Knoxx, DVMN NYC/DVMNPIGEON’s owner, said that she was originally from Elmira, New York. Similarly, Khahn Ngo, originally from Columbus, Ohio, talked about his brand N*G*O. They both impressed judges and guests from the start with their unique styles. There were ups and downs along the way.

Image Credit: Tobin Yelland/HBO Max

Despite any setbacks, the designers seemed stronger. After being placed in the bottom three for the second task, Khahn won the first challenge. Participants were required to design clothing for some of world’s most famous skaters. Khahn designed a stylish, yet comfortable look for Ish Cepeda to win the challenge.

The designers were required to design a look that represented their community and roots. Blacc Sam, the creators of Marathon Clothing, were the guests of honor for the week. Khahn won the competition for the second consecutive year and was awarded a partnership with Marathon Clothing. He also won the next task. Khahn was given the opportunity to create three teams of 2, and he chose to team up with Knoxx as Team B. For the challenge, Khahn and Knoxx had to create a look for Offset’s daughter Kalea and have it match the singer’s pre-decided apparel. The pair proved their teamwork skills and their determination by winning the competition. This marked Khahn’s third victory in a row and Knoxx’s first victory ever.

Image Credit: Tobin Yelland/HBO Max

Both of them were competing for the final spot in the top 2. The judges had to be impressed by their lookbooks in order to win this spot. Unsure about which one to choose, the judges decided to give them both the chance to present their collection, along with Winston Bartholomew “Barth” Holder III. The judges awarded Barth victory when it came time to determine the winners. While Knoxx, Khahn and others were disappointed that they couldn’t win the competition they agreed that they would treasure the entire experience for ever.

Where are Knoxx and Khahn Ngo now?

Both Knoxx, and Khahn are thriving professionally as of this writing. Knoxx appears to be focused on helping her company grow. Knoxx recently launched a fall collection. You can view the collection on the DVMN NYC official website. Knoxx is passionate about music and her talents as a designer. She enjoys hiking and traveling.

Khahn’s fashion design career is booming. Khahn is currently working with Marathon Clothing to complete the collaboration he won in the show. The Ohio native is apparently also affiliated with Made & Co. Gallery, Dream Motorsports, and Close Friends. Both Knoxx and Khahn are our best wishes and we wish them both a happy future.

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