Where Are Taylor and Ajay From How to Build a Sex Room Now?

With a fresh new twist on home renovation reality shows, Netflix’s ‘How To Build a Sex Room’ revolves around Melanie Rose as she builds safe spaces for couples to be intimate. While the idea of a sex room can repel many, Melanie feels it is quite essential in today’s life as it helps a pair explore their fantasies in a safe and comfortable environment. Melanie meets with clients throughout the show to learn about their fantasies and kinks before creating a space that suits their needs.

Taylor Stonack and AyJay Lasater were one of the couples who employed Melanie’s services in ‘How to Build a Sex Room’ season 1. Fans are interested in finding out where Melanie is right now, even though Melanie was able meet their needs. We have the answers.

Taylor Stonack and AyJay Lasater’s How to Build a Sex Room Journey

AyJay (Taylor) and AyJay (AyJay) met their first time in September 2019 while they were both at a Sofars concert. Although they instantly fell in love with each other, they were reluctant to have a conversation. The pair became close friends and realized they had many common interests and experiences. Soon, their friendship blossomed into romance and they have been together ever since.

AyJay, Taylor, and AyJay shared their love for sex experimentation and were open to trying new things while on the show. However, it was difficult for them to realize their dreams without the right equipment and setup. Melanie Rose was asked to design a basement sex area that would be similar to the one Melanie Rose had built for them. When Melanie sat down with the couple, she realized they wanted to explore each other’s kinks but had no idea how to go about it. So, aside from building a sexroom, she also took the couple to Ti, a kink coach, who guided them through the basics BDSM relationships. AyJay, Taylor, and ultimately Melanie turned their basement into a spacious and comfortable sex dungeon.

Where are Taylor Stonack & AyJay Lasater Now?

We are thrilled to report that Taylor, AyJay and their relationship in Denver, Colorado is still strong. Taylor is a Community and Engagement Manager at Melio. Sweet Potato Social is her own social media promotion company that she still runs to this day. AyJay, on the other hand, worked at Lockheed Martin before cofounding Albedo, a satellite imagery startup, in 2020.

Taylor and AyJay appear to still be in love. They take time from their busy lives to spend time together. Their social media accounts are also chock full of couples’ pictures and the memories they make together. When celebrating their anniversary in January 2022, Taylor shared an adorable clip of them both and wrote, “Not sure how I got so lucky, but I do know that I deserve every bit of this happiness. 😍” On the other hand, AyJay appears immensely grateful for his girlfriend’s love, as he often features her on his social media profile. It is heartwarming to see their blossoming love story and we wish them happiness for many years to come.

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