Where Are Ouissem Medouni and Sabrina Kouider Now?

South-West London residents were shocked to learn that a body was recovered by the police from a bonfire at a nearby residence. Although Sophie Lionnet was the victim, an investigation revealed a sinister plot to murder her and led directly to Ouissem Medouni, Sabrina Kouider, and their employers. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: Kill The Competition’ chronicles the gruesome murder and shows how efficient police work brought the killers to justice. Let’s delve into the details of the crime and find out more, shall we?

Who are Ouissem Medouni & Sabrina Kouider?”

Ouissem Meduuni, Sabrina Kouider’s partner, lived in a luxurious residence in Wimbledon, South West London. Outsiders could see that the couple was in a happy relationship and were eager to settle down. The neighbors also knew that Sophie Lionnet, a fashion designer, and her partner, were looking for a nanny to care for their children. So Sophie Lionnet moved in to their home. Sophie, originally from France, came to the United Kingdom in search of a better lifestyle. But she knew that she needed to be able to speak English well so she started looking for work in another country.

Sabrina Kouider

When Sophie first got wind about the job as a nanny for Ouissem and Sabrina’s children, she believed it to be a stroke of luck. The couple was from an up-scale neighborhood and the job promised to be very lucrative. Sophie was comfortable with children and would love to take care of two little ones. But, she had no idea of the horrors that she was inviting into the life of her family by accepting the job.

Although the initial days passed without any incident, the show mentioned that Ouissem and Sabrina suspected Sophie of having an affair with Sabrina’s ex-boyfriend, Boyzone founder Mark Walton. Surprisingly, there was no evidence or proof to support the suspicion. However, the couple became so obsessed with the thought that Sophie and Mark Walton began to conspire to abuse their children. Ouissem and Sabrina eventually gave in to their obsession, and they imprisoned their nanny. Sophie was then subject to inhuman torture. The couple refused to pay Sophie and even threatened with starvation. Sophie tried her hardest to resist the two but was overwhelmed and left with five fractured ribs and a cracked breast bone. Ouissem and Sabrina eventually drowned Sophie, having beat her incessantly using an electrical cable.

Where are Ouissem Medouni & Sabrina Kouider?

When the police recovered Sophie’s body from a bonfire in the garden of Ouissem and Sabrina’s house, they learned how she was in the couple’s employment during the time of her death. They were suspicious of each other and searched their home thoroughly. The nanny left notes as well extensive recordings of torture sessions. The evidence was incriminating and linked Sabrina to the crime. Detectives swiftly arrested them for murder.

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Ouissem Medouni

Ouissem and Sabrina Medouni were both found guilty of murder after being brought to court. In 2018, they were sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 30 years before parole. The couple tried unsuccessfully to appeal their convictions. We can assume Ouissem and Sabrina remain in British prisons, despite not being able to find their exact location. They have yet to serve their 30-year sentence.

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