Where Are Dated & Related’s Chris Hahn and Jason Cohen Now?

Netflix’s ‘Dated & Related‘ puts a unique spin on the tried and tested formula of dating reality series. The series brings together a group of young people to live in a villa and spend time searching for their romantic partner. Participants are not sent to the villa alone. They are accompanied by a sibling looking for a companion. The responsibility for each cast member is shared and halved. They not only have to find a partner, but they must also assist their family member in doing the same.

The Netflix series’ first season was released last week and features many sibling pairs. But, we want to focus on the unique duo that was not made up of siblings. Jason Cohen and Chris Hahn consider themselves to be cousins. Hence, their lack of shared parents did not detract them from being each other’s support system. We are eager to hear from fans about the adventures of the boys.

Chris Hahn and Jason Cohen’s Dated & Related Journey

Chris and Jason were keen to meet Nina Parsjani and Jason from the beginning. The twins were at that time more drawn to the Bishop brothers. Chris and Jason tried to form a romantic relationship, but the Parsijanis weren’t open to their offers. Diana began dating Kaz Bishop and Nina paired up to Kieran bishop.

The New Jersey Italian cousins were left in a bind as they didn’t know how to proceed. Perfettos’ arrival seemed to have opened up the possibility for Chris, who was chosen by Daniel Perfetto as a blind date partner with his sister Julia. Chris was disappointed that the date didn’t spark a connection. Jason had a little hope when he was able to get a kiss from Dyman, Miller at the Pass the Parcel game. She quickly clarified that she wasn’t interested in him romantically. Given their lack of romantic connections, Chris and Jason were eliminated in the sixth episode of ‘Dated & Related’ season 1. We can answer all your questions about the couple’s activities.

Where are Jason Cohen and Chris Hahn?

Jason Cohen and Chris Hahn currently live in Los Angeles, California. They hope to make a difference in the entertainment industry. The cousins launched their new channel, vlog. It was to document their 3-month trip to Europe. It has evolved into a place for the cousins to share their adventures. The cousins recently posted a video of their meeting with Joey Roppo and Corrina Roppo.

Jason also has an Instagram account dedicated to bodybuilding content. He also has a YouTube channel that seems to be focused on random happenings in the reality TV star’s life. Jason also seems to like bodybuilding and surf in the ocean. We wish them all the best and look forward to more of their work.

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