Where Are Candice Martinez and Dave C. Williams Now?

VH1’s docuseries ‘My True Crime Story’ revolves around the lives of people involved in harrowing and startling crimes, who come forward to share their stories about the same. The second episode of the show’s first season follows Candice Martinez, the infamous “cell phone bandit.” Candice, along with her then-boyfriend Dave C. Williams, robbed four branches of Wachovia Bank, only to get eventually convicted. As the episode opens a window to the “redemption story” of Candice, our readers must be intrigued to know more about her and her accomplice Williams’ current whereabouts. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same!

Who are Candice Martinez and Dave C. Williams

Candice Martinez and Dave C. Williams met at Northern Virginia Community College, and eventually became partners. They soon moved in together, and began robbing Wachovia Bank branches in Virginia. Williams had previously worked in Vienna and the first robbery occurred in Vienna’s branch. Williams and Candice used the former’s computer to print notes threatening to shoot the bank tellers. Candice brought a note with her and asked for money from a teller. The boyfriend was working as a watchman in the getaway car.

Candice and Williams used the exact same method to rob Wachovia Bank branches at Springfield, Manassas and Ashburn. They completed the robberies between November 12, 2005 and November 4, 2005. Candice displayed a gun that Williams admitted to having given him in Ashburn. They reportedly stole $48,620 from each branch and then rented an Apartment in Chantilly, Virginia. The money was used to purchase a 1997 Acura Integra, large screen televisions and other electronic, clothing, and a bedroom set. Candice and Williams were arrested in November 2005. According to reports, authorities have only recovered $4,770 from the couple.

Candice and Williams both pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit bank robbery in December 2005. Under Candice’s plea deal, the United States attorney dropped four counts of bank robbery. Candice was sentenced in March 2006 to 12 years federal prison. She was also sentenced to five years for conspiring to commit bank robbery, and seven years for a firearms offense. Candice made a pleading apology to the bank tellers during her trial for the threats she made while committing the robberies.

Williams was sentenced, along with Candice, to 12 years federal prison. He was sentenced for seven years on the gun charge, and five years for conspiracy. During his trial, Williams apologized to the bank tellers and his family. The court ordered Candice to repay $43,850 from Williams to the banks they had robbed.

Where are Candice Martinez and Dave C. Williams today?

Candice Martinez was held in Danbury in Connecticut’s Federal Correctional Institution. On July 1, 2016, she was freed from prison. Candice was released from prison on July 1, 2016. After her release, Candice decided to open a new chapter in life and she went to school for aesthetician training. Candice also launched a new company within a matter of months. “It offers me a place to empower somebody by making them happy with themselves,” Candice talked about her decision to be an aesthetician, as per ‘My True Crime Story.’

In 2018, Candice was “adopted” by Paul Jones and Gail Goodman Jones, whom she affectionately calls “poppa bear” and “momma B” respectively. She spends her time with her nieces, nephews, cousins, and best friends. She is also interested meditation and other practices. According to sources Candice currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has decided to keep her relationship status secret.

Dave C. Williams, a federal prisoner, was released on May 20, 2016. His release allowed him to begin working as a coach/fitness specialist in a renowned fitness company. He is currently a tier 3+ personal trainer in the same company. Williams is also a committed bodybuilder. Williams, who is currently based out of Fairfax County in Virginia, regularly travels around the county. Williams has been to multiple foreign countries. His private life has been kept secret.

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