When Did Fran and Maxwell Start Dating?

Maxwell and Fran are two of the main characters in The Nanny, an American TV series. It was first broadcast on CBC in 1993 and ran until 1998. It consists of six seasons and 130+ episodes. Drescher, along with her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson produced The Nanny. The inspiration behind the show was Jacobson’s life while growing up in Queens. Names in the series are also taken directly from Jacobson’s friends, family and colleagues.

Fran Fine, Maxwell Sheffield and Maggie Sheffield were the main casts. Niles, Grace Sheffield, C.C. Babcock, Brighton Sheffield. The show was nominated for 12 awards, of which it won the Rose d’Or and one Emmy Award. In addition to that, the Golden Globe Awards were presented to the producer.

Let’s get to the point. It was evident from the series progression that Maxwell was hooked on Fran, just as Fran was on Maxwell. But did you know that Maxwell and Fran started dating in the first place? If you don’t, you are in the right spot. In this article, I am going to share the whole story behind Fran and Maxwell’s closeness and when they started dating each other. 

When did Maxwell and Fran first start dating?

Let us begin at the beginning to discuss their love life. Episode 18 of Season 1 sees Maxwell and Fran share their first kiss. Later in episode 24, practicing ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Maxwell went a little swept away with his role and ended up kissing Fran violently. Later in Season 2, it is seen Fran’s new romantic interest made Maxwell a bit jealous. It was also shown that Maxwell and Fran kissed each other in the same episode. This was to prove she could win a kissing contest. Fran later told Maxwell that she was happy to have a second chance to kiss him. 

Fran and Maxwell

Their romantic relationship has become more complicated in season 3. Maxwell and Fran are forced to confront their feelings for one another in this season. Max was there to help Fran in times of need, even though it was difficult. Fran and Max shared a romantic moment. They also kissed. In season 3, when Maxwell’s mother came to visit his house, he tried his best to spleen his mother. Fran even asked him to propose, but he explained that it was because he had a grudge with his mother.

Well proposed to her. The episode contained many jokes made by Maxwell’s other character. This implied that Maxwell and Fran had sex. But the reality was very different. Fran actually gave Maxwell a foot massage. 

But these romantic moments were short-lived when Maxwell caught Fran kissing Brighton’s french teacher. Maxwell becomes more confused when Fren announces their engagement. But, later she admits it is fake. Maxwell discovers that Philippe was a kisser with C.C. later on and tells Fran. Maxwell took advantage and gave Fran another kiss, even though Philippe refused to admit he was kissing. They went on until C.C. confirmed that they had “made their point”.

Fran and Maxwell Baby

Fran and Maxwell’s Baby

Maxwell took Fran out to dinner later to make her feel better. Episode 26: Maxwell and Fran get stuck in an aircraft that was flying them to Paris. Maxwell thought that he was dying and told Fran that he loves her. They shared a passionate kiss again.

They continue to be in love until Season 5, when Maxwell proposes to Fran for marriage. The season finale sees the birth of brotherly twins Jonah & Eve. 

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