What You Need to Know About Mobile Phone Security

This is one of the security issues regarding your mobile phone that is not really a problem until it becomes a problem. Nowadays mobile phones are heavily networked; for one, it is connected to cellular networks and wireless connections, and for other, it is full of a large number of apps that have access to storage, navigation, microphone, camera, and photos. That makes it risky and prone to cyberattacks. Since we are too hooked on our mobile phones and don’t want to give up the luxury of having all our needs fulfilled from one device, there are things we can adopt to keep our devices safe.

Having a secure mobile phone service is also important. Since your data such as the messages you send, the calls you make and receive, and your browsing history are all stored with the mobile service providers, it is important to sign up for a secure mobile service provider. We like Xfinity Mobile because of its secure connection as well as its reliable service.

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Mobile Phone Security

It is the practice of keeping your mobile phone safe from a wide range of cyberattacks that could threaten privacy, network login credentials, safety, finances, etc. A mobile phone security threat exploits vulnerabilities found in apps, hardware, network, etc., and uses them for malicious and unauthorized activities. For instance, if hackers gain access, they can use the mobile phone processing chip to mine cryptocurrencies. Also, they can hijack mobile phone wallets and financial information for their own gain. Hence, mobile phone security should be activated to prevent such threatening incidents.

Following are some of the threats that could shake the security of your mobile phone;

Web-Based Mobile Threats. When you are browsing through websites on your mobile phone, malware can get into your mobile phone devices without you being aware of it. Phishing is a way for attackers to get inside when you click on links on websites containing threats. What you can do is download security apps. These security apps can detect malicious websites and phishing attempts.

You will also need to play your part by being extra careful and attentive. The IRS never sends an email requesting your tax data, they only do it through the US Postal Service. In this situation, if you receive an email claiming to be from the IRS asking for your information and informing you to pay your taxes, that is phishing. Don’t fall for it.

Network Threats. Your mobile phone is always connected to at least two or more network connections; cellular network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. All of these connections can be exploited by hackers to take over your mobile phone device.

For instance, there is a threat called Wi-Fi spoofing through which an attacker offers a free Wi-Fi connection to users. The attackers design this free Wi-Fi connection to sniff out any sensitive information being accessed by any of the network connections.

Physical Threats. This kind of threat is when your mobile phone is stolen. With no device security, a stolen mobile phone can be a gold mine of personal and financial information for any crook.

What You Can Do

It is crucial to take necessary steps to keep your mobile phone protected from any external threats;

Set Up Fingerprints or Face Recognition. All mobile phones have a secure passcode feature that, when activated, can keep your phone safe. Only you would know the passcode to unlock and access your mobile phone. If your mobile phone has a Fingerprint or Face Recognition feature, that is even better.

Use VPN. The purpose of a  VPN is to provide you with a secure connection and hide your mobile phone’s identity. If you are using a public network, always turn on the VPN.

Enable Data Encryption. Most mobile phone devices already have encryption enabled. If your mobile phone doesn’t, you will then need to activate it. This can protect information stored in your mobile phone.

Activate Remote Wipe. This feature will allow you to remove data from your mobile phone remotely. If your mobile phone is lost or gets stolen, this feature will come in handy. Remote wipe applications allow full formatting of your mobile phone device even if you don’t have the mobile phone with you.

Final Takeaway

With new advancing technologies, hackers are constantly finding new ways to break down the security of your mobile phone. Hence, it is essential to take that into account and adopt ways to keep your mobile phone secure. 

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