What Time Is PMQs Today UK? When To Watch Prime Minister Question Time Today?

What is PMQs Today?

A unique constitutional convention in the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Question time, allows the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to be questioned by other MPs. The Questions to the Prime Minister, also known officially, has been in existence since 1800. When the Prime Minister Questions were first started, a fixed Prime Minister Question time was established in 1881. Many people didn’t know the time of PMQs in the UK, despite being there for years. Many people don’t know the time of PMQs today UK or when Prime Minister Question time is. In the next sections, you will find answers to both what time PMQs are today UK and when you can watch Prime Minister Questions time today.

What Time is PMQs Today UK?

Another reason why there are so many PMQs UK queries is because of the chaos in the cabinet. People are asking questions like what hour is PMQs UK today, what hour is PMQs UK today. Prime Minister question time today is just like any other Prime Minister question time. PMQs today time begins at 12PM and ends at 12:30PM. As mentioned earlier, things were chaotic in the cabinet with 2 ministers leaving the cabinet. We will discuss this issue in more detail under the When to Watch Prime Minister Question Time Today tab.

When is Prime Minister Question Time Today?

One of the main reason why most of the trending questions on the internet have the word ‘today’ in them – what time is PMQs today UK or when to watch Prime Minister Question time today is because the Prime Minister Question time happens every Wednesday which is today. As mentioned in the section under PMQs Today, PMQs is open from 12 to 12:30 pm. Because of recent cabinet events, Boris Johnson, the current Prime Minster of the UK, will be facing a variety of tough questions at the Prime Ministry Question time.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid resigned from the cabinet and announced the same via Twitter within minutes of each other and this was after the latest scandal at the cabinet involving Chris Pincher and Mr Johnson. These scandals have led to curiosity from people who now want to know what happens at Prime Minister Questions time.

PM Question Time Today Live

We now know the time of PMQs today UK, and where to watch Prime Minister Question Time today live. PMQs today will be telecast live on YouTube and BBC. You can view PM Question Time Today Live on YouTube or BBC.

PMQs Today 

Many people have high expectations for Prime Minister Question Time, where the UK Prime Minister will be under the spotlight following all the events that have caused so much chaos in the cabinet. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces Sir Keir Sternmer, Labour leader, at PMQs today time. Make sure to tune in to Prime Minister Question today. 

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