What Happened To Summer Wells? When Did Summer Wells Go Missing, Was Summer Wells Found Dead?

What happened to Summer Wells? 

The Tennessee girl Summer Moon-Utah Wells is a 5 years-old-girl who was missed on the evening of 15th June 2021 at her home situated at Ben Hill Road in Hawkins County the twist is she was beside her mother and grandmother. All of them are shocked that she was not at home with her grandmother and mother. Although the investigation is almost complete, it has taken 1 year to find out more about Summer Wells’s missing case. 

Was Summer Wells Found Dead?

One year has passed and there is no update on her whereabouts or whether or not she is alive. Many had doubts, or can we say many have questions about Summer Wells’ death. The body was not found. A $40,000 reward for information and attempt to locate the driver of a red pickup truck was announced.

What happened to Summer Wells? 

Summer Wells disappeared on 15th June 2021. Summer was last seen leaving her home at 100 Block Ben Hill Road, Rogersville, Tennessee. This case is also known as Tennessee girl Summer Wells. Although the case was reported as missing, the various investigative agencies took the case but have not provided any updates or information. The case remains unsolved. 

Summer Wells Parents

Candus and Don Wells are the parents of Summer Wells, the missing girl. They had appeared on Dr. Phil’s Thursday episode where they were interviewed and questioned by Scott Rouse and Greg Hartley. They are the parents Summer Wells, the girl who is missing.


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