What Happened To Stinchfield On Newsmax? Is Grant Stinchfield Leaving Newsmax?

Grant Stinchfield

Grant Stinchfield, a journalist, reporter, businessman from the United States, is responsible for broadcasting NewsMax. Newsmax viewers are more committed to their characters than any other news consumer. The network has just announced that it will be making schedule changes. For some viewers, the most concerning move was the demotion of Grant Stinchfield’s show. It used to air every weeknight at 8 p.m. What happened to Stinchfield, I On Newsmax? Continue reading to find out more.

What happened to Stinchfield?

Stinchfield’s Tuesday night statements show that he had criticised President Joe Biden over his inability to defend Israel when the fighting between Israel and Hamas intensified. Israeli Defense Forces attacked Palestinian homes and attacked Palestinian protesters at Gaza. Grant expressed dissatisfaction at the system as a result of the state chaos and lack military backing.

He was then suspended for the rest of his week following that contentious comment. He was then asked by Newsmax representatives to update him on Stinchfield’s departure. He replied that he was away from the air because of an event he had to attend. Eric Bolling, a former Fox News personality, stated on Twitter that he would take over for Stinchfield. Eric is a conflicted character because he was previously charged with violence.

What Time Is Stinchfield on Newsmax

Newsmax also announced that Eric Bolling would replace Grant at 8 p.m. on weekdays. Eric Bolling, a conservative financial analyst and staunch conservative, is six years younger than Grant. Eric tweeted a promotion about the new lineup after Newsmax’s roster was changed. It included a picture from his show, The Balance.

The rest of the weekday lineup includes Sean Spicer and Jenn Pellgrino. Greg Kelly is also included. It is unknown what motivated Newsmax, but it is certainly related to the network’s ratings. Newsmax clearly hopes Eric and the other newcomers can help it compete with right-wing networks such as Fox and OANN.

Newsmax: Where is Stinchfield?

Grant is a calm, tidy person who avoids the attention of media. Grant Stinchfield married Amy Vanderhoef who he had dated for some time. Amy is a well-known television and radio personality. The couple got married in front of close friends and families. Wyatt is Wyatt’s son.

Is Grant Stinchfield still on Newsmax?

Newsmax’s management effectively degraded Grant and it’s not clear what his future plans are. Grant still hosts a Newsmax show and it does not appear that the network is attempting to get rid of him. These statements are often indicative of a long-term change. This could be because the news personality doesn’t like the demotion or because it concludes that the host isn’t working.

Newsmax is just one part of a larger right-wing radio and television ecosystem. Grant also has a radio program. There are many other networks that Grant could join if he decided to leave the network. To improve your career as a right-wing media professional, you don’t need to stay with the same organization.

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