What Happened To Preacher In Virgin River? Virgin River: What Will Happen To Preacher In Season 4?

What Happens to Preacher in Virgin River Season 2

Preacher spends a lot of the season helping Paige when her ex, Wes, arrives in town. Paige accidentally kills Wes, pushing him away. Preacher helps Paige cover it up and help her escape the town with her child. Preacher learns that Wes was raped by his former partner and is offered a job with Jamie to become a San Francisco chef. Things turn around when Wes’s twin brother appears and vows revenge against Preacher and Paige.

Who is the Virgin River’s Preacher?

Since 2019, Colin Lawrence plays the role of John “Preacher” Middleton in Virgin River. Colin Lawrence has also appeared in feature films such as Afghan Knights and Watchmen. Fans are introduced to new characters in Virgin River’s episodes, including Preacher Lucia Walters’ love interest. Lucia has been married to Colin since 2000. Lucia is a recruiter/martial art instructor in the series.

Virgin River

Virgin River is a romantic American TV series. The series was produced and distributed by Reel World Management. This popular series was shot in British Columbia, Canada. It’s based on Robyn Car’s Virgin River novels. The first season premiered on Netflix on December 6, 2019. The series was renewed for a fourth and fifth seasons in September 2021. The 4th season premiered on July 20, 2022. Many people enjoy and love this series.

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