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Michael Anthony Hughes

Six-year old Michael Anthony Hughes attended Indian Meridian elementary school in Choctaw. This Oklahoma suburb is near Oklahoma City. Ernest and Merle Bean, Michael’s foster parents, were Michael’s home. In 1988, Suzanne, then 17, gave birth to Michael. Suzanne was struck-and-run and killed when Michael was just two years old. She was married to Franklin Delano Floyd before her death. He placed Michael in foster care. Ernest and Merle Bean adopted him. When Michael was in his first grade at Indian Meridian Elementary school in Oklahoma, Franklin Delano Floyd kidnapped him.

What happened to Michael Hughes’s life?

Michael Hughes, a student at Indian Meridian Elementary school in Choctaw in Oklahoma, was abducted by Franklin Delano Floyd on 12 September 1994. Floyd claimed that he was Michael’s biological father. Floyd entered the school and ordered James Davis, the principal, to take Michael to his classroom at gunpoint. Floyd forced James and Michael to leave the city in a truck. He then handcuffed James in a tree and took them away. Later, he rescued them. Floyd was finally arrested in Louisville, Kentucky, after two months. Michael was not there and no one had seen him since. Many reports and claims that Floyd made to Michael claim that he drowned in a Georgia motel bathtub, then buried him in a cemetery and claimed that he was still alive. Floyd isn’t revealing the location of Michael, the boy he kidnapped. The FBI claimed in 2015 that Floyd killed Michael while kidnapping him by shooting twice on his head. Netflix will release true stories and events in “Girl In The Picture,” a movie that is based on the tragic lives of Sharon Marshall (and Michael Hughes) in 2022.

Who was Michael Hughes’ Father?

Many sources claim that Franklin Delano Floyd is Michael Hughes’s father. However, a routine blood test revealed that Michael and Floyd did not have any DNA connections and that Floyd was not Michael’s biological father. The court denied Floyd’s claim for custody of Michael Hughes. Ernest and Merle Bean adopted Michael Hughes after Floyd left him in foster care. 

Michael Hughes Missing

Michael Hughes was only six years old when he vanished on 12 September 1994. Since then, he’s been missing. Franklin Delano Floyd, Michael’s biological father and claiming to be Suzanne’s mother, took Michael into foster care and then left the state. He claimed to have custody of Michael again after six months but he was denied. Floyd then kidnapped Michael Hughes in 1994 from his elementary school. Floyd was finally arrested in Louisville, Kentucky, two months later. Since then, no information has been provided about Michael Hughes’s whereabouts.

Michael Hughes’s Death

According to Floyd, Floyd confessed that he made Michael Michael drown by putting him in a tub at a Georgia motel. Then he buried his body in an underground cemetery. He also claimed that Michael was still alive and safe. He isn’t giving any details about the boy, Michael. The FBI claimed that Floyd had killed Michael in 2015 when he kidnapped him and shot on his back head twice. It is not known if Michael Hughes is still alive. 

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