What Happened To Matthew Morrison? Why Is Matthew Morrison No Longer A Judge On SYTYCD?

Matthew Morrison: What happened?

Matthew Morrison was accused by sending inappropriate messages to a SYTYCD performer. The accusation came anonymously and the person said that he was fired from the show for sending “flirty” messages to a female member who was uncomfortable with the advance. She complained, and Matthew Morrison was fired following an internal investigation. 

Matthew Morrison SYTYCD – What happened to him?

Matthew Morrison was fired because he allegedly sent flirty messages. When he left the show he said he was leaving because he failed to follow “competition production protocols.” He said, “Having the opportunity to be a judge on So You Think You Can Dance was an incredible honor for me. It is with deepest regret that I have to inform you that the show will be ending.

Matthew Morrison is No Longer a Judge

An anonymous source revealed the news that he was fired. They said that he only sent “flirty” messages that made the person uncomfortable and he did not meet up with the person or contact her outside the show. Matthew Morrison released an Instagram statement in support of him after the story became public. His wife also released an Instagram statement. 

Matthew Morrison Was Fired from SYTYCD Why?

Matthew Morrison came out and said, “It’s really unfortunate that I have to sit here and defend myself and my family against blatantly untrue statements made anonymously, but I have nothing to hide. So, in the interest of transparency, I will read to you the one message I wrote to a dancer on the show.” He then read out the message which said, “Hey, it’s Matthew. If you’re willing to give me your number, I would love for you to talk through some things. He sent this because he and the dancer had a “mutual respect” for a choreographer and he was trying to help her get a job. 

Matthew Morrison Left SYTYCD Why?

Matthew Morrison’s wife Renee Puente shared his Instagram story and said, “It’s been a wild ride… My husband has finally been given an opportunity to speak his truth. He has done so with such grace and integrity in a situation that is complex and incredibly complicated.” She ended her message with a note on love and compassion and said, “To all those who have shined love and light in our lives through this… thank you … To all the rest- sending Love & Light.” Matthew Morrison will continue to appear on a few episodes of the show, even though it has been taped in part. 

Matthew Morrison Young

Matthew Morrison was born on October 30, 1978 and is now 43 years old. He was born in Fort Ord (California) to Mary Louise (Fraser), as well as Thomas Morrison. He is English and Scottish-American. Matthew Morrison was a member of the Buena Park Youth theater and the  Collaborative Arts Project 21 (CAP21) and the Orange County School of the Arts. By the time he was in his freshman college year, he was a regular performer of Broadway. 

Matthew Morrison Wife

Matthew Morrison was engaged in December 2006 to Chrishell Stause, but their relationship ended one year later. In 2011, he began dating Renee Puente and in 2013, Elton John helped them announce their engagement. In October 2014, the couple were married in private. The couple announced the birth of their first child, Revel James Makai Morston, on October 22, 2017. Their daughter Phoenix Monore, was born in June 2021. 

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