What Happened To Kay Adams? Is Kay Adams Leaving NFL Network Good Morning Football?

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Kay Adams: What happened to Kay Adams? 

Kay Adams is an American television personality and sportscaster known as Dorothy Konopka. She hosted Good Morning Football, which was broadcast on NFL Network. She left the show in May 2022. Around the same time, she also quit People (the TV program). The TV series is based on the magazine with the same name. It will enter national broadcast syndication fall 2022.  She has also hosted other shows. 

The New York Post announced that Kay Adams will be leaving NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football.” The Vice President of NFL media said, “Kay has been a big part of the success of Good Morning Football and we hope to keep her in the NFL Media family for years to come.” There have been rumours that she is the leading candidate for Amazon Prime Video’s “Thursday Night Football” pregame show. 

After Kay Adams leaves the show, “Good Morning Football” will focus more on Peter Schrager and Kyle Brandt. It is believed that Rachel Bonnetta will be her replacement. However, Rachel is already occupied so she would need to relocate. Kay Adams stated that her contract expires in May and she hopes to be on a larger platform when she appeared on Pat McAfee’s January show. She said, “It’s no secret the goal is to have the pedigree to have the big-boy seat at the table.” 

Good Morning Football is on air since 2016, and Kay Adams has been a regular on the show since its inception. Good Morning Football is NFL’s year-round morning show from Monday through Friday. Kay Adams has not yet discussed why she is leaving the show or where she is going. She thanked NFL for their support and wished everyone a happy New Year. 

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