What Happened To Jimmy On Chicago Fire? Everything About Jimmy Borrelli In Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire is a TV series that’s set in the drama category. This Television series was created by Michael Brandt, Derek Haas, and Michael Brandt. Original production of the TV series was in the United States. Chicago Fire stars a professional firefighter as the protagonist. He rescues others and lives with his paramedics, who are based at the Chicago Fire department at Firehouse 51. Original airing of the series was on NBC October 10, 2012. They had 217 episodes till 2022.

What Happened to Jimmy on Chicago Fire

Jimmy Borelli is a fictional character that was created in the TV series Chicago Fire. He was a former candidate to Truck 81. Steven R.Mcqueen plays the role. The episode A Real Wake Up Call featured a multip vehicle crash. Jimmy wanted to help the victim from another car and so he slowly walked towards the victim. However, the truck exploded. Jimmy suffered severe burns to his neck and face from the fire; unfortunately, Jimmy’s left eye couldn’t be saved. Later, the doctor informs Jimmy that he will have to receive heavy medical treatment. The burns on his neck, face, and left eye cannot be corrected.

Jimmy Borrelli Chicago Fire

According to the series Jimmy Borelli works as a Chicago firefighter, and was a former candidate in Truck 81. Steven R. Mcqueen plays the role. Call Steven is seen in A Real Wake-Up. He has suffered a severe injury to his left eye and returns to the hospital. He was a notable contributor to Chicago Fire and The Vampire Diaries. Steven Chadwick McQueen, who was born July 13, 1988, was raised by Chad McQueen (and Stacey Toten). It is a proud statement to say that he is Enrique Iglesias’ second cousin.

Chicago Fire Trailer

Chicago Fire Cast

S.No Cast
1 Jesse Spencer
2 Taylor Kinney
3 Monica Raymund
4 Lauren German
5 Charlie Barnett
6 David Eigenberg
7 Eamonn Walker
8 Yuri Sardarov
9 Christian Stolte
10 Joe Minoso
11 Teri Reeves
12 Kara Killmer
13 Dora Madison
14 Steven R. McQueen
15 Miranda Rae Mayo 
16 Annie Ilonzeh
17 Alberto Rosende
18 Daniel Kyri
19 Adriyan Rae
20 Hanako Greensmith

Chicago Fire Cast and Characters

S.No Cast Role
1 Jesse Spencer Lieutenant Matthew Casey
2 Taylor Kinney Lieutenant Kelly Severide
3 Monica Raymund Gabriela “Gabby” Dawson, Paramedic-in-Charge
4 Lauren German Paramedic Leslie Elizabeth Shay
5 Charlie Barnett As  Firefighter Candidate Peter Mills
6 David Eigenberg Senior Firefighter Christopher Herrmann
7 Eamonn Walker Battalion Chief Wallace Boden
8 Yuri Sardarov Firefighter Brian “Otis” Zvonecek
9 Christian Stolte Randall “Mouch” McHolland
10 Joe Minoso Joe Cruz
11 Teri Reeves Dr. Hallie Thomas
12 Kara Killmer Sylvie Brett
13 Dora Madison Jessica “Chili” Chilton
14 Steven R. McQueen Jimmy Borrelli
15 Miranda Rae Mayo  Stella Kidd
16 Annie Ilonzeh Emily Foster
17 Alberto Rosende Blake Gallo
18 Daniel Kyri Darren Ritter
19 Adriyan Rae Gianna Mackey
20 Hanako Greensmith Violet Mikami 

What Happened to Jimmy Borelli on Chicago Fire?

Jimmy Borrelli Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire Jimmy Borelli

Chicago Fire Cast

What Happened to Jimmy On Chicago Fire?

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