What Happened To Internet Explorer: After 27 years Internet Explorer Shut Down?

What Happened To Internet Explorer: After 27 years Internet Explorer Shut Down?

Internet Explorer

Windows and Internet Explorer Microsoft began to release a range of web browsers in the Microsoft Windows series of operating systems in 1995. Internet Explorer was the most used web browser at one time, with an average usage share of about 95 percent by 2003. This was possible because Microsoft used bundling to defeat Netscape in the first browser war.

Information about Internet Explorer

Name  Internet Explorer 
Developer  Microsoft 
Launch date  August 16, 1995 
Languages  95 
Genre  Web Browser

Feed Browser 

Operating system  Windows 
Stable release  Windows 10 November 2020 

MacOS – June 16, 2003 

Unix: October 30, 2002 

Successor  Microsoft Edge 

What happened to Internet Explorer? 

Today, June 15, 2022 will see the end of Internet Explorer desktop on Windows 10 PCs. Microsoft will be ending Internet Explorer for the vast majority consumer PCs. (On Windows 11, Internet Explorer isn’t available.) Microsoft will continue to support Internet Explorer for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7’s Extended Security updates for enterprises. The corporate editions Windows 10 and Windows Server are also supported. Microsoft will probably (but not necessarily) discontinue support for Internet Explorer on these operating systems in the near future. However, it is not yet.

When Does Internet Explorer End? 

Microsoft’s most well-known browser Internet Explorer has ended its life cycle. Microsoft Edge will take over official support of Internet Explorer after 25 years. Edge offers an “Internet Explorer mode” that allows older applications and websites to be accessed. However, Edge claims Edge is more compatible and efficient.

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