What Happened To Greengrass In Heartbeat? Who Replaced Greengrass In Heartbeat?

Heartbeat Star Bill Maynard Claude Greengrass

Walter Frederick George Williams was an actor and comedian from the United Kingdom. He first appeared on television in 1950s. His most notable appearance was opposite Terry Scott in Great Scott – It’s Maynard! (1955-56). In the 1970s and 1980s he was a star in the British comedy Oh No! It’s Selwyn Frostroggitt and The Gaffer. There were also five Carry On films. After a sabbatical, Maynard was back on television in the late 80s. He starred in the long-running television series Heartbeat (1992 to 2000) and reprised his role in The Royal (2002 to 2003). Maynard was unable to move after multiple strokes. In later years, Maynard needed a mobility scooter or wheelchair. After breaking his hip and falling, Maynard died in hospital on March 30, 2018.

What Happened to Greengrass In Heartbeat

Greengrass was not affected by Heartbeat. According to his daughter-in law, Bill Maynard, the actor who played Claude Jeremiah Greengrass on the series, died in a Leicestershire hospital after injuring his hip while riding his mobility scooter. Maynard was ITV’s charming rogue Claude Jeremiah Greengrass for eighteen years.

He is survived his son and daughter, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Reddin says that Maynard’s real name was Walter Williams. He chose his stage name to pay tribute to Maynards candy brand. The actor also appeared in Carry On flicks Carry On Matron, Carry On Dick, and Carry On Dick. He also starred in the ITV comedy Oh No! It’s Selwyn Froggitt.

Who has replaced Greengrass in Heartbeat?

Geoffrey Hughes, a Liverpool actor, played Vernon Scripps, who relaced Greengrass as the village’s lovable rogue. He was well-known to millions as Twiggy from The Royle Family, Onslow from Keeping Up Appearances, Coronation Street binman Eddie Yeats, and many other roles in the 1970s and 1980s. He died in 2012 from prostate cancer at the age of just 68.

What was Greengrass’s Last Episode Heartbeat 

Claude Jeremiah Greengrass appeared last in the episode Cold Turkey of Heatbeat. Bill Maynard had to cancel the performance because of illness. However, he did appear in the Heartbeat spinoff series ‘The Royal. Bill Maynard plays Greengrass in this episode. He is having difficulty getting paid for some of the gardening work he has been doing for Stringer.


Heartbeat is a British historical drama series that ITV Studios (previously Yorkshire Television, until it was merged with ITV) produced from 1992 to 2010. It is based on Nicholas Rhea’s “Constable” series novels. The series is set in 1960s England and revolves around real-life and fictional locations in the North Riding of Yorkshire. Most episodes focus on stories that are usually independent but sometimes cross with each other; in some episodes, a single story revolves around an enormous occurrence.

Heartbeat was a success from the beginning. The first episodes attracted more than 10,000,000 viewers and reached a high audience in 2001 with 13.82 million viewers and 12.8 millions viewers in 2003. Its popularity led to a spin-off series called The Royal and three special episodes. After 18 years of programming, Heartbeat was cancelled by ITV in June 2010.

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