What Happened To Francis On Deadliest Catch, On Deadliest Catch What Happened To Francis Katungin

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Francis’ Deadliest Catch: What happened to him? 

Todd Kochutin, a man who can weigh in at 800 pounds, was struck by a crabpot one year ago. He never recovered from the injuries. Francis Katungin, another crewman, was also struck by a crab pot in April 2022 and it pinned him against a railing. Fans across the world hope that he is OK. The water was very turbulent on the day of his injury and the crabpot slid towards Francis Katungin. He was immediately caught and crushed.  

Francis Katungin’s Death: The Deadliest Catch

Francis Katungin was caught by a crab pot due to choppy waters in April 2022. Rip Carlton, the captain of the show, was shaken but quickly moved to assess the situation. Francis was clearly in great pain after he was moved inside. The captain speculates that he may have a broken hip and required immediate medical attention. The captain then turned around and said that he was tired. The crew of the Deadliest Catch was aboard at the time and caught it on camera. 

Francis Katungin Injury 

Francis Katungin was then flown from the boat to be transferred to a hospital. The water had gotten more severe by that point, making it difficult for the helicopter crew to lower Francis to the boat and then bring them back together. They were able manage it and Francis was taken to the helicopter. Although the captain struggled to maintain the required course, it all turned out well in the end. 

‘Deadliest Catch’ Crewman Francis Katungin

Francis made it to safety, but there were many questions about whether he was experiencing internal bleeding. Captain Carleton said, “I guarantee that you will hold your breath when you watch. No special effects needed,” when he was asked about the episode. Although there has been no information regarding his condition since then reports have confirmed that the actor is still alive and is currently recovering. 

Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch is a Discovery Channel reality TV series that debuted in April 2005. The series follows crab fishermen in Bering Sea, as they attempt to catch Alaskan King Crabs (and snow crabs) during the season. The Aleutian Islands port at Dutch Harbour, Alaska is the base of the operation. The Discovery Channel produces the show. The name derives from the high-risk nature of this work. 

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