What Happened To Cheyenne From Teen Mom?

Fans have been wondering about Cheyenne From Teen Mom. Before getting into further details, let’s have a look at the storyline of the reality television documentary. Teen Mom follows the lives of teen moms. They tell the story of their motherhood, including their exhausting family and relationship with their spouse. Being a mother and raising a child isn’t an easy task, irrespective of what the situation is.  

Teen Mom debuted in 2009. Cheyenne Floyd’s accident with her family left fans wondering if she is okay. Is that too serious?  For those who don’t know yet, here is what you should know about Cheyenne Floyd from Teen Mom. 

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Cheyenne Floyd from Teen Mom Meets With An Accident

Cheyenne was a participant in Are You The One, a dating show. She joined Teen Mom later with Zach Davis, her fiance. 

Cheyenne and Zach both shared their story of being shot in the car. They weren’t the only ones there, but also with their children. It was amazing. They revealed that the shooter was not unknown when they were asked about the incident. They knew him. Zach said that the car had been shot 13 times. On this note, he said, “It was the worst feeling in the world.” 

They were all safe and sound. Cheyenne referred to it as a ‘miracle.’ The Teen Mom star also said, “God covered us that day because every cop who was there said they don’t understand how we are all alive. I had to pinch myself to make sure I understood that I was alive.” Who was the shooter? They both knew him well but have not revealed his name. But what made him shoot them? This is not yet known. 

Cheyenne Floyd

They were both very traumatized, even though they did not sustain any actual injuries. Cheyenne said, “I feel like he didn’t kill us, but he took so much from us”. She was worried more about Ace and Ryder as a mother. They are doing fine, thank goodness. 

Cheyenne, Teen Mom later shared her experience with having to be admitted to hospital. Why? Because she became ill and assumed that the shooting was her fault. The television personality took it to her Instagram account and shared that she was then “recovering from surgery.” Hopefully, everything is fine now. Best wishes! 

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