What Happened To BTS Today? Are BTS Disbanding In 2022? What Is Hiatus In Kpop?

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What happened to BTS today?

The label claimed that ‘BTS isn’t on hiatus’ and that members would continue to work on their solo projects, hours after the Kpop group made the announcement. BTS stated Tuesday that they will be taking an “indefinite break” to focus on their careers, but they will “return soon.”

BTS, a South Korean boyband known for its catchy and energetic songs, announced they would be taking a break. The band made the announcement at a televised dinner to mark their anniversary that they would be working on solo projects.

Jimin, who is a member of The Band, stated that the group was going through a “tough period.” He said, “We’re trying figure out who are we, and it’s a long and stressful process.” 

BTS announced the news Tuesday at their annual FESTA dinner. This was where members reminisced about the past and talked about the future. Their entire discussion, which lasted nearly an hour, were recorded and uploaded on their official YouTube page.

Are BTS’s Plans to Disband in 2022?

BTS clarified that they will not be disbanding following their announcement of “Hiatus”. They confirmed that they would “keep active as an ensemble.”

BTS confirmed their “hiatus”, confirming that they do not plan to dissolve.

Sources claim that both the group and HYBE’s management company, HYBE, have agreed to “keep active as a team” during the “second chapters,” including filming Run BTS and other group activities. BTS will not go on hiatus. “At the moment, members will work more on single projects,” HYBE said in a statement. They also avoided using the term “hiatus,” as it was allegedly mistranslated.

What is Hiatus in Kpop?

Hiatus in the Korean music industry is not the hiatus of western pop groups. It means K-pop groups take breaks from months to years and have thriving solo careers. Although the news of the Korean boy bands’ short hiatus caused media panic, it does not mean that the bands are going to disband.

BTS, Kpop sensations, said they would be on a “hiatus”, at a pre-recorded meal this week to mark their ninth anniversary. Suga, the rapper, opened a 40-minute conversation over crab and rice wine about their decision. He also talked about their weariness, and why they were so excited to pursue their individual interests through their own projects.

He laughed at the absurdity of the idea and said, “We’re still not disbanding,” “We’re just living apart for a while.”

K-pop fans are well aware that a hiatus in Korea’s music industry is different from a hiatus for Western pop artists. K-pop artists can take months to years to recover and allow members to pursue their solo careers. They are active in the public eye, even though they don’t make new music as a band.

Are BTS’s Dividends Coming to an End in 2022?

Jungkook, a member of BTS, has openedly discussed the band’s rumored hiatus. This comes after members discussed focusing more of their own professions at Tuesday’s Festa dinner. It was incorrectly implied that the English subtitles meant a hiatus. This was when the band wanted to balance their individual and group work.

Jungkook, RM, Jin Jimin, JHope, V and Suga visited VLive Wednesday to discuss these allegations.

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