What Happened To Annabelle From Ladies Of London? Ladies Of London Star Annabelle Neilson Death, Net Worth, And Family

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Ladies Of London Star Annabelle Neilson

Annabelle Neilson, apart from the Ladies of London has also worked as a model. She was close to Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, two of the most famous models in the world. “Kate is my best mate and I love her like a sister. Yes, she’s an icon but to me, she’s just Kate,” Annabelle Neilson told for a magazine. ” She also added that she was not able to walk back again for 12 weeks after she met an accident while racing over the horse. After that,  she was never able to ride a horse, after severe chronic pain.

What happened to Annabelle from Ladies of London?

Annabelle Neilson was a cast member of Ladies Of London. Annabelle passed away in London on 12 July 2018. Her death was attributed to a heart attack. Her fans were shocked to hear the shocking news. Camilla Neilson, her sister, released the following statement. According to some sources, she has experienced many hardships in her lifetime. She was born into an aristocratic household, and her family has spoken to her about her past. 

Ladies Of London Star Annabelle Family

Annabelle Neilson, born 31 March 1969 in the United Kingdom. She was the daughter of Max Neilson, and Elizabeth Neilson. Nathaniel Philip Rothschild became her husband. They divorced in 1997. She was married in 1994. She has a sister and a brother. Her sister’s name is Millie Neilson. 

Annabelle Neilson Troubles 

Annabelle Neilson, a horse-racer, was killed in an accident in 2013. “I remember seeing the glint of a silver car and the horse getting spooked and jumping,” she said in an interview. “The next second I was flat on my back in the mud.”Further, she added, “The pain was horrendous and I started having convulsions. Worst of all, I couldn’t move my legs and I thought, ‘This is it, I’m paralyzed ”. She is one of the British Aristocrats who suffered through severe turmoil and hardships. 

Annabelle from Ladies of London Star Net Worth 

Annabelle is worth more than $20 Million. Sources claim that she received some of her wealth through her divorce. She was previously married to Nathaniel Philip Rothschild. Nathaniel Philip Rothschild was born to a super-rich global banking family. It is unknown how much movable or immovable wealth she had.  

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