What Episode Does L Die In Death Note Anime?

L’s death in Death Note was one of the most shocking events in anime history. This was unexpected because it was not something that anyone expected. However, everyone knew deep down that Light would be beat and will pay for his crimes. However, it was an assumption made on the audience’s part, but the show never suggested such. The show was a battle between wits. One had the experience of apprehending, the other had high school knowledge and the power to kill.

Death Note remains one the most recommended anime of all time. If you want someone to get into anime, especially if they don’t like the medium, they will be head over heels after watching the series. L dying in Death Note makes the deal, and they will forever love the medium. This is one of those series that cannot be rewatched because it doesn’t have a sequel to match their talents. There were short stories that came out that acted as sequels but didn’t have that much appeal.

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L and Light were replaced by others, but none of them live up to the standards.

Light Yagami had two sons. The first who succeeded him had no idea or goal that would make him stand out. N. N notices that Light Yagami killed in indiscriminately to get the same fame as Kira. When he examines the work by the new Kira, he is completely unimpressed. He declares him boring and doesn’t show any interest in pursuing the case. After cornering him with an announcement, the new Kira committed suicide by writing his name in Death Note. Ryuk declares that there will never again be a Kira as good as Light.

Although unassuming, the second Kira was just as humble. Death Note created a series of brilliant characters through making them think and act out problems. According to his IQ test, the newest candidate was intelligent. He did the impossible when he received Death Note. So much that the Death Note had to be extended by the Shinigami Kings.

Instead of using Death Note to advance his ideals, however, he used it to obtain money for college. He also hinted at Death Note’s existence to the world, angering the Shinigami King. Ryuk was instructed to create a role in which this new Kira would be killed. Notable is also the fact that N did not discover this new Kira and it slipped through his fingers. However, the new Kira didn’t want to have anything to do with Death Note. He lost his college funds and erased his memories. He died from a Heart Attack according to new rules. We can see that he was quite amusing.

L Die In Death Note

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Suffice it to say the new Kira didn’t have much impact on the audience as Light had. The same could be said for L’s successors, for N might be able to beat Light, but it was impractical and forced. N and M were L’s successors, but they just didn’t have what L did. N was more rational than L, but he is dismissed by many as a copycat and his fans are quick to dismiss him. M was not a good enough candidate to succeed him, but he had anger problems.

When Does L Die?

M made Light struggle by trying to find Death Note, but he ultimately died. His death is just used as a way to show what the world has changed and why Light’s new world is wrong and must be stopped, so it falls on N’s shoulder to find the culprit. Now what he did can be called cheating, he picked a person to be Light’s confidant and targeted them to get to him. The problem is that he didn’t have the evidence to choose the guy. He thought Light would. He didn’t know Kira in person.

It would have been better if the series had ended after L’s death, but it got dragged on due to its popularity. L dies in Episode 25 Of Death Note Anime.

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