What Drug Is Steve Abnesti Testing in Spiderhead? Why?

‘Spiderhead’ is the cinematic adaptation of American author George Saunders’s short story ‘Escape from Spiderhead.’ The eponymous facility is a prison and research center, located on an island. Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth) is Spiderhead’s overseer and a visionary scientist. He oversees the human trials of different drugs on Spiderhead inmates. Jeff (Miles Teller), an inmate convicted of killing drunken people, is among them. Jeff and the others agreed to be Steve’s test subjects in the hopes of commuted sentence and certain privileges. They were also released from state prisons after the trial. Spiderhead is a significantly better alternative to these facilities. Spiderhead does not have orange jumpsuits or locked doors. The inmates live in their own homes and seem to have some freedom. We’ve got all the details about Steve’s drug testing. SPOILERS Ahead

What Drug is Steve Abnesti Testing?

Initial impressions are that Steve is testing multiple substances, much like the inmates. Each of these drugs profoundly alter the human psyche. However, they are only temporary. The drug must still be closely monitored. N-40 or Luvactin heightens people’s emotions, emboldens them, and makes them experience euphoria. Verbaluce aids people to find the correct words. There is also a drug that increases a person’s fears, Phobica. When Lizzy (Jurnee Smollett), Jeff’s fellow inmate and love interest, is injected with Phobica, she becomes terrified of a stapler. Darkenfloxx is another drug that causes extreme mental and physical distress. Jeff was given the drug before the film started and now fears the effects. Jeff refuses to give it to the other inmates when Steve suggests.

MobiPak, which is an implanted device in the lower back, delivers the drugs. MobiPaks can be controlled remotely by smartphones. Jeff’s fellow inmate, Heather (Tess Haubrich), kills herself when her system gets flooded with Darkenfloxx. Jeff is left alone as Steve and Mark, his technical assistant, rush out of the observation area. This gives him the opportunity to go through Steve’s notes on his research. Steve discovers the Bingo card, which he uses to call his drugs. Steve also gives gold stars to the boxes that contain the correct drugs.

Jeff also discovers that Abnesti Pharmaceuticals is the drug company participating in the trial. Steve claims that there is no Protocol Committee. He was the one responsible for the trials throughout. The dramatic scene shows that Steve is testing B-6 or OBDX/Obediex. The importance of this drug is not the same as that of other drugs given to subjects.

Steve Abnesti is Testing the Drug.

Jeff notices that the bingo card has a B-6 star. It isn’t perfect, so he takes it to the doctor. This drug is administered shortly after Spiderhead has arrived. Obediex allows the administrator to have complete control over the subject. It is powerful enough to allow Steve to live with convicted killers in an area without bars. However, it doesn’t give the administrator absolute control over the subject, so Steve doesn’t consider it a success and hasn’t put a gold star on the Bingo card. Steve demonstrated that a subject can overcome it if he’s told to destroy something that he loves more than anyone else. In Steve’s case, it’s the drug itself.

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Steve plans to make B-6 a commercial drug and sell it to governments to control their citizens. The concept of free will plays an important role in the show’s narrative. Steve is able to take almost all of Obediex’s drug away. Even though subjects consent to the administration of drugs, this is only an illusion.

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