What Does The Blue Star Mean On Tinder?

Tinder allows you to use a variety icons and symbols to let other members know that you are watching. The purple bolt and the blue star are the most commonly used icons. But what does the blue star on Tinder mean?

Blue stars on Tinder signify that many people have viewed the profile you’ve created. Instead of clicking to the left or right, another user swiped up and liked you. People who are super similar to you are called like. Like is Tinder’s method to help profiles stand out among the other profiles.

What does the Blue Star on Tinder Mean?

A blue star on Tinder means that you love the person you swiped for. You can Super Like an individual by simply swiping up their profile. It highlights your profile with a tiny Blue Star whenever someone spots it in their matching queue. This lets them see that your profile is truly interesting.

You can also send a Super Like to Tinder by tapping on the Tinder Blue Star icon on a profile in your match queue.

If you receive a Super Like from someone else on Tinder and you see an encircling blue star beside the profile’s name in the match queue, you can be sure they are interested in your profile.

According to Tinder, the Tinder Super Like increases the chances of meeting by around 300% over a regular swipe on a profile.

What is a Superlike? 

What Is A Super Like

It’s been in use since the year 2015. and basically, it allows you to communicate to someone you’re truly interested in them before swiping your profile.

Typically, you’ll only determine if a potential match likes you when each of them swipes left. But, since the advent of Super Like, the user you’re interested in is aware before the time that they’ve captivated your attention.

How does Super like to Work?

How Does Super Like Work

According to Tinder, The chances of a match are three-fold higher when you Super Like their profile.

Apart from letting others know that you’re interested in their profile, this feature lets you stand out from other profiles.

In the beginning, your potential partner is notified that you’ve liked their profile. Then, when they launch the app and begin scrolling, they’ll see your profile with an orange box and stars in your account.

Does it work?

There are many opinions about Super Likes. There are two opinions about this feature.

Some users view Super Like as a sign that someone is passionate about them. It’s even flattering for some users.

Some users think that Super Likes are creepy. Some even suggest that they might be a little desperate.

If you see an image that you like, you should take a look.

At a minimum, this feature will bring your profile to the users’ eyes as your profile is added to the top few matches of the stack of the user.

It’s just a matter of being mindful of how you use your Super Likes. This leads me to the next section in this blog post.

Super Like: How to Use it

Super Like: How to Use It

The important question is: When is the best moment to use the Super Like?

Don’t use your Super Like on just any profile. You could make other users uncomfortable if you use Super Likes on multiple profiles or multiple times within one account.

I wouldn’t suggest using the Super Like feature on the “most attractive” profile as well. If it’s a beautiful-looking woman likely already has some Super Likes.

Where can you find The Blue Star on Tinder

Where Do You Find The Blue Star On Tinder

Tinder’s blue star can be found in many places.

Blue Stars in The Tinder Discovery Screen

If you swipe through other profiles on the Discovery screen, and see an account with a slue-star in their profile picture, it means they have SuperLiked. You will see their profile photo’s top be blue with a dark background.

If you’re swiping profiles, you can Super Like someone by simply swiping her profile or tapping on the Blue star icon.

Blue Stars in the Tinder Match List

It is also possible that you can find your Blue Star. After you have matched with someone from the Match List that you have SuperLiked/have SuperLiked with, you will be able see the blue star beside her name.

Blue Star On Tinder Top Picks

If you’re a member of Tinder Gold, you can view the Top 10 Picks each day, or when you have a free account, you will see one Top Pick each day.

When you access your Top Picks screen, you will observe the Blue stars on Tinder’s Top Picks profile. This means that you can SupeLike the profile directly through The Top Picks screen.

These stars have the same functionality that the regular blue stars in your swipe list. It is possible to think that they’re in the profiles because you could Super like these pages without costing you anything extra.

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