Watch Spy x Family Part 2 Online: Streaming Guide

If you guys have watched Spy x Family, it’s been kind of pretty big anime this year, which had gotten to the last episode, which was episode 12. That episode was the end of the season. Based on the announcement of Part 2 of Season 1 on Spy x Family’s official social media handles, the show will be back in October 2022. 

Spy x Family Season 1 was a big success worldwide. The unique storyline of the anime made it a hit with millions of people around the world. Accepting that Shonen animes have the highest popularity in the anime industry. The story of Spy x Family, while not a Shonen, is a glimpse into life. It stands out as one the top anime of 2022. 

Spy x Family’s season 1 episode, viewers loved each character and their roles. The characters were cute. They were well-structured. The animation’s art style and character design were excellent. Spy x Family Season 1 was a highly-rated anime. Spy x Family fans are eagerly awaiting Part 2 because of these reasons.

Spy x Family actually based itself on the Manga series of the exact same name. Tatsuya Endo, a Japanese manga artist, wrote the manga. He has also worked on several previous series like Blue Exorcist, Fire Punch and others. He was able to gain some credibility within the Manga industry. His presentation of Spy x Family was met with great praise.


Spy x Family Part 1 Overview

Spy x Family, an Action Shonen series, is about a spy named Loid Forge (also known as Twilight) who embarks on a new mission of spying on someone. He must create a family in order to get the information he needs to succeed on the mission.  

You will find humor mixed with action and drama throughout this quirky series. The episode did a fantastic job of pacing the characters and placing you in the world. This series also has many mysteries.

Watch Spy x Family Part 2 Online: Streaming Guide


Spy x Family Season 1 part 1 was more of a character intro season. The season features the characters Anya and Loid in a humorous and dramatic manner. We can see Season 1 of Spy x Family and we can tell that this isn’t an ordinary family.

Every member of the family has a unique talent and a story. The storyline has been presented in a humorous and entertaining manner until now. The show’s first season was only a character introduction. However, it does an amazing job in every aspect to make it as great as possible. The final part concluded with a brief reveal about a future character in Foger Residence. 

Spy x Family Part 2 Online Streaming guide:

There are no official sites left to view anime due to the closure of Crunchyroll or Funimation. Part 2 of Spy x Family Part 1 will be aired online. Crunchyroll officially. After a few months, Part 2 will be available on Netflix. The promotional video for Part 2 also was aired. Muse- Asia’s Official Youtube Channel, There is a good chance we will be able to view Part 2 on Youtube, just as Spy x Family Part 1 and without any cost.

Watch Spy x Family Part 2 Online: Streaming Guide


Spy x Family’s officials released the trailer to Spy x Family Season 1 Part 2 right after the final episode aired. Fans of the series are excited for the next installment after seeing the trailer. But according to the officials, after the season of the Spy x Family, it’s gonna be a Part 2 of Season 1 and not Season 2. Spy x Family also confirmed that Part 2 would be available in October 2022.

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