Watch Big Brother Season 24 Episode 22 Release Date: Terrance Survives

It’s time to talk about the Big Brother Season 24 Episode 22 release date. In the last episode, we saw that each HoH had their own group to choose from just like how we picked our teams at school for physical education. So, Michaell was paired with Taylor, Brittany & Monte, while Terrance chose Kyle, Joseph, Turner, & Alyssa. One group lived in a house, while the other lived out in the yard. Drama ensued. 

We also saw how Terrance’s plan was revealed to the Leftovers by the hand of Kylie, now, we will see how that fares out with that in the next few episodes. In the end, it’s just another day in Big Brother. So, let’s jump in and do an episode recap and share some streaming details with you. 

Nominations are just around the corner

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 21 Review

Julie introduces a crazy twist to the episode in which there are two different groups living in the house. Terrance is eager to make a difference and is thrilled to have power. Since this is Michael’s second HOH this season, he is also ecstatic. Jasmine believes that he chose Brittany because of their relationship. But Michael picked Brittany because he had high expectations for Brittany. Taylor is next. Monte is last because he wants him accountable for his exercise. Kyle being on the other side makes Michael happy because he doesn’t want to go after a Leftover this week.

Turner, Terrance’s boy, whispers to Terrance, “Whoever your target is, pick them next.” Terrance picks Turner. Turner is overjoyed that he won’t have to stay with Jasmine for a week. Alyssa, who supported him staying, is the next person he picks, but she is disappointed because she doesn’t want to spend the night outside. He chooses the two people he wants to spend the week together, and Joseph and Kyle are next.


Brittany is happy BroChella is Dyre’s manager, but Terrance worries her. Fest. Alyssa and Kyle have a moment of panic as it is likely that they will be easy pickings after their show. BroChella has a pizza party, and beer rivers are flowing in the HOH area to celebrate being in the house. DyreFest’s HGs are outside but not having a party. It’s like being treated like outside Have Nots, but without the slop. Kyle is shocked at being selected last and believes that the test will force his true colors to be revealed.

Turner feels more secure knowing that Terrance trusts Turner. Terrance is meanwhile asking Turner for advice about what he should do because Terrance is unable to manage his own game strategically. Terrance then approaches Alyssa to assure her that she is safe and that he is her first priority. Taylor truly believes that Terrance winning Dyre Fest’s HOH title will bring an end to the Leftovers. The HGs live in tents outdoors with porta potties and canned food.

Jasmine Plots

Jasmine tells Michael that she wants to avoid being placed on the market, stating that it is her birthday week. Michael finds the excuse she’s been using for three consecutive weeks absurd. Even though he told her that Monte is his target, Michael won’t tell her that she is the one he is after. It is absurd that Jasmine doesn’t have a southern accent when she’s upset. Michael doesn’t trust her and wants her to leave, and he typically doesn’t let others influence his decisions.

Taylor is relying on Turner, Joseph, Kyle and Joseph to get rid Alyssa from Dyre Fest. Terrance is advised to by Turner to put Kyle and Alyssa up because he would not have blood on his hands. Terrance asked Turner for his advice. Terrance, however, is not considering that; instead, he is planning to target Turner and Joseph and is hoping that it doesn’t happen. Terrance assures Joseph that he will be safe, but Joseph doesn’t believe a word of it.


Alyssa is not happy when Kyle tells her all about his relationship to the Leftovers. This means that he has misled her throughout their time together in this home. He then goes to Terrance to tell him about the alliance and how Ameerah and Nicole were eliminated by it. Kyle is in survival mode and isn’t sure if this was the best or most stupid move he could make. Terrance and Alyssa talk together about the new information that they have received. They both feel left out. Terrance originally intended to use the showmance for pawn purposes, but he has since changed his mind. He now wants to make a significant approach to his HOH.

Nominations are now open. Jasmine is the target of Michael’s nominations, which also include Monte. Terrance proposes Turner to Joseph because he wants the alliance to fall apart. Turner expresses surprise at Turner’s statement that if he is still in the house the following week, he will unquestionably go after Terrance, as Joseph feels it would be terrible to leave on Terrance’s HOH. Kyle is happy because his plan seems to have worked.

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 22 Release Date

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Big Brother Streaming Details

Big Brother is available on CBS at 20:00 Eastern Time (USA). You can also stream Pluto TV, Fubo TV or Paramount+ and DirecTV streaming. Additionally, Big Brother’s house is broadcast live and continuously on Paramount+. The episodes can also be purchased on Amazon Prime Video, Apple iTunes, Vudu and Apple iTunes.

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 22 – Release Date

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 22 will air on CBS on August 25, 2022 at 20:00 hrs Eastern Time, United States. Don’t miss an episode! We post recaps shortly after each episode. What do you think will happen next?! Leave your thoughts in the comments We appreciate your attention. Happy streaming and we hope to see you soon!

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