War Thunder Coll 0%, How To Fix This?

War Thunder Collide

War Thunder is an iconic multiplayer vehicle combat simulation game. The game has a large following and is still being played by many even after it has been open beta for 10 years. War Thunder is the only game to allow the player to drive the vehicle in all three modes: air, land, or sea. In air vehicles, there was a term called ‘Coll’ which stands for collective and denotes Collective Pitch. To produce maximum lift, it must be at 100%. At 0% it produces no lift. It can be used to adjust the ascent or descent rate, and to increase/ decrease the RPM. 

War Thunder Collision 0% – How to Fix It?

In recent days, the players of the War Thunder have been facing an issue of  Coll 0%. The Coll rate needs to be at 100 percent to achieve maximum lift, as we have already mentioned. However, players are experiencing a bug which shows that the Coll rate is at 0%.

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The error made it so frustrating for players that they couldn’t play the game or enjoy it for the last few hours. This is a technical bug and there was no fix. Developers must fix the problem. The only option for players is to wait for developers to resolve the problem. 

War Thunder (Video Game).

Gaijin Entertainment distributed War Thunder, a multiplayer vehicle combat multiplayer computer game. It was originally announced in 2011, and was released as an open beta in November 2012. Then, it was released worldwide in January 2013. On December 21, 2016, the official release date was set. It works with Microsoft Windows, macOS Linux, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Shield Android TV is also supported.

War Thunder Gameplay

War Thunder is built using air, sea, and combined arms combat. It is the only game to combine all three elements in one gameplay session. Players can control aircraft, ground vehicles and warships from the United States of America, Russia, France, Japan China, Sweden, Israel, Russia and other countries. The game also includes Portugal, South Africa, Finland, and South Africa. The three main vehicle types are: Ground, Fleet, and Aviation. Simulator, Arcade, Realistic and Simulator are the game modes. There is also a single-player mode that focuses on historical conflicts, and a cooperative mode to combat AI aircraft and ground vehicles. 

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