Walking Dead Characters Who Died In Real Life, Walking Dead Cast Who Died In Real Life, Who Died In Real Life On The Walking Dead

Walking Dead TV Series

This Television Series is in American postapocalyptic horror. It was directed by Frank Darabont and Gale Anne Hurd. AMC Studios produced it in Georgia. The Series is simply about a big ensemble cast and crew as survivors of the zombie apocalypse, trying to live besides getting threat of attacks from zombies known as ‘walkers’. Andrew Lincoln was a key role until the ninth season. Frank Darabont not just adapted the story from the comic, but also played a part in the first season on The Walking Dead TV Series. The Walking Dead Series premiered exclusively on AMC broadcast Channel in America on October 31, 2010. It was then broadcast internationally on Fox Networks Group (Fox+) and Fox Networks Group (Fox). The final season premiered August 22, 2021.

Walking Dead Characters Who Perished in Real Life

The Walking Dead Characters Who Perished in Real Life were so important that the crew kept track of who died and when. The Walking Dead TV Series was launched on October 31, 2010 and ran for around eleven seasons. A large ensemble cast was involved in the series, so people couldn’t recognize the Walking Dead Characters Who Died In Real Life. The following table lists the original names of each character, their cast name, and their roles in The Walking Dead Series.

Original Name Role
Scott Willson Hershel greene
Moses J. Moseley Mike
Dango Nguyen Mean Guard
Russell Durham Comegys Hitchhiker
Rodney M. Hall Walker


Who Died in Real Life on The Walking Dead Cast

So people who couldn’t recognize the Walking Dead Characters Who Died In Real Life and want to know what happened to them keep reading the article.

Moses J. Moseley

He is one of the youngest members of the Walking Dead Series cast. His death was at the age of 31. He became famous after he appeared in six episodes from the first three seasons on the Walking Dead Series. He played as Michonne’s jawless pet zombies. He was shot to the head and was later found dead. The reason for this incident is still unknown, but the evidence is clear. He died in January 2022.


Source: Twitter

Scott Willson

He was well-known and was also considered the oldest actor on the list. Willson joined the cast of ‘The Walking Dead’ in season two; he played the farmer role, who allowed the group to take refuge on his farm. At 76 years old, he died from cancer in October 2018.


Source: Twitter

Dango Nguyen

He appeared in seven episodes of Season 3 of Walking Dead Series. Acting was his second career after wrestling. He played the bodyguard role for the governor in the series and fought with Rick’s group. Nguyen, 48, died in 2019 from cancer.


Source: Facebook

Russel Durham Comegys

He was a Hitchhiker in a single episode of The Walking Dead Series. Rick, Carl and Michonne were driving to pick up weapons to prepare for the attack. According to the Georgia news station, Comegys was killed in a car accident in which he was involved with another person at 45.


Source: imdb

Rodney M. Hall

He played the role of walker in the television series The Walking Dead. He died at 50, which is said to be an apparent drug overdose.


Source: imdb

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